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National Day effect is carried brace up, future of soya-bean oil weak force is u
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After holiday of the Mid-autumn Festival, spot market of domestic soya-bean oil is wait-and-see atmosphere is apparent. Price of crude oil period went on September 16 situation drop, close under 100 dollars not only, more make beautiful soja and dish of soya-bean oil period price be issued to lower levels, the brief profit that monthly report brings is good be used up. This is a more pessimistic news to domestic spot market, but the festal effect that the National Day brings answers demand carry brace up or aux will be able to contends somewhat to it.   
Quote of the light trading after the section glides  
After holiday passes mid-autumn, interest good news lacks temporarily on the market carry brace up, quoted price of most area manufacturer gives now to slip, and as a result of Likongyin element appears centrally, make oil price glides range is bigger. According to statistic of Chinese soja net, up to on September 17, each main oil breed sells home all valence is as follows (unit: Ton, similarly hereinafter) : Bulk one class soya-bean oil all valence is 8546 yuan, relatively 16 days drop 167 yuan; Bulk 4 class soya-bean oil all valence is 8212 yuan, drop 180 yuan; Entrance young soya bean is oily all valence is 7961 yuan, drop 100 yuan. Among them, heilongjiang of one class soya-bean oil saves oily factory quoted price to be 8500 ~ 9800 yuan, liaoning Shenyang 8600 yuan, Dalian area 9200 yuan, 93 groups quoted price is higher, area of island of emperor of Heibei the Qin Dynasty 8600 yuan, beijing ferry area 8500 yuan; Hua Dong area 8300 ~ 8500 yuan, two vast areas 8350 ~ 8600 yuan, shaanxi Xi'an area 8650 yuan, jiangxi area 8600 yuan, hunan area 8500 yuan, hubei area 8500 ~ 8600 yuan, guiyang area 8900 yuan, plain inside oily factory is controlled 9000 yuan. Manufacturer shipment rate is not very ideal.   
Relevant grease walks along   of soya-bean oil of weak be a burden on
At present the price of relevant grease variety on market of domestic most region goes force is weaker, oil of 3 class cotton was sold on September 17 all valence is 7791 yuan, with one class soya-bean oil all valence differs 755 yuan; And palm oil is sold all valence and soya-bean oil differ 2121 yuan, foreland 24 degrees of palm oil and one class soya-bean oil differ 2250 ~ 2300 yuan, make soya-bean oil loses price competition dominant position greatly. Although soya-bean oil price goes force is weaker squelching the price of relevant grease breed goes greatly situation, it is more difficult to make its rise, but other oil breed also goes in oil of counteractive Yu Dou situation. New cottonseed of area of part of near future Shandong begins to appear on the market, although the share is new,cotton oil quoted price is controlled in 7600 yuan, but because the market trades atmosphere not beautiful, trafficker enters city enthusiasm not tall, make new cotton oily appear 7000 yuan of right-and-left quote, the quoted price of 4 class soya-bean oil that with Shandong inland area majority controls 8200 yuan differs bigger, soya-bean oil loses market competition ability on certain level.   
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