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Guangdong edible fat retail price falls increase further
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Information times on September 22 dispatch: Suffer international soja price to reduce an effect, case of oil price of our country edible rises from the end since July, appear two months continuously " drop drop endlessly " posture. Monitor according to prices branch, in September the first ten days of a month, guangdong edible fat retail price falls increase further, the reporter understands from supermarket respect, soybean oil and blend oil fall most apparent, partial brand is in 20% the left and right sides.
Edible fat retail price is neat " diving "
Guangdong saves the price to monitor central data to show, the Guangdong since July saves edible vegetable oily retail prices this year inside year first general falls, to September the first ten days of a month, fat retail price of Guangdong province edible already dropped continuously 4 a period of ten days and fall increase somewhat, among them blend oil of peanut oil, soybean annulus comparing drops also achieve piece inside year new low, it is respectively 1.71% with 1.51% .
The collective that passes a many month " the value plunges " , major edible oil tastes list price case to already was not former times to compare today on market. Supermarket of happy in the home blessing health king inn, the edible oil of many brands is depreciating in sales promotion, fall the biggest is accipitral Ma soybean oil, fall from 68 yuan 56.5 yuan, fall for 20.4% . Supermarket staff member introduces, 8, edible oil was in continuously in September depreciate, and present price is probably at the beginning of the month when those who adjust, because at present case of domestic edible oil price is in,reduce, trade price case also falls than the nowadays in year, so the supermarket rolls out sales promotion privilege in succession.
Additional, the reporter visits the fleshy market inside city and food oily store to discover, the price of peanut oil falls before mid-autumn after defeating 100 yuan to close greatly, drop further, in Dong Chuanxin downtown streets, accipitral Ma environmental protection holds peanut oil 5 litres 96 ~ 97 yuan, make an appointment with 5 yuan than depreciating two months ago, peanut oil of golden dragon fish is controlled in 107 yuan.
Cause soja is added close help low oil price
When day of chief stone Mei Zun accepts a reporter to interview related golden dragon fish, express, soja of international, home realizes increase production this year, add close, ability of level sex supply will increase significantly, pull touch soja price fall, price of international soybean futures begins to glide from August, price of oil of international market oil plants goes low to pull the edible oil that uses home to depreciate continuously.
But according to Chinese grain oil information website is monitored, price of Guangdong area peanut oil continues to maintain weak momentum low confuse situation, suffer whole oil market to glide influence, although the price is reduced, peanut oil market trades as before delicate. The reporter is in yesterday east terminal market understands flourishing grain oil, archives advocate be done hard in the business that is edible oil and pained. "Recently (the price) very flabby calm, changing everyday almost. " the archives of ministry of oily purchase and sale of Hua Xing grain advocate Mr Lin says, compare with photograph of the beginning of the year, oil trade price is in 100 yuan now the following, but the price of retail market also is moved ceaselessly low, wholesale price difference is less and less, do not have money basically to earn.
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