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Fuzhou edible oil price drops to new this year low
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Channel Metropolis Daily on September 22 dispatch: Enter September, value of Fuzhou grain market is total the situation that presents meter of strong oil to lose. Reporter yesterday from Fuzhou commissariat wholesale trade the market learns, went up in September in what just went, the middle ten days of a month, fuzhou rice sale price keeps strong, and although oil plants grease already entered sale peak period, but the price continues however low, the explore below the trade price of soya-bean oil and in pairs of terminal retail price comes the nadir since this year.
Data shows, at present of brand of market main trend " jasmine is sweet " etc " 923 " price of Ding You rice is 3980 ~ 4000 yuan / ton, with on the month keeps balance. Price of this the rice that visit evening is in 2940 yuan of ~ 2980 yuan / ton, also keep balance. Although rice price also keeps balance but keep exalted, price of rice of north of its middle east is in 3240 yuan of ~ 3300 yuan / ton, jiangsu rice price is in 3200 yuan of ~ 3260 yuan / ton.
Meanwhile, price of oil plants oil continues to drop. Among them soja price is in 4800 yuan of ~ 5000 yuan / ton, drop 500 yuan of ~ 600 yuan / ton, drop 10% ; The beans dregses of rice the price continues sound foundation, it is 3800 yuan of ~ at present 3900 yuan / ton, drop 300 yuan / ton, drop 7.14% ; Price of soybean salad oil is in 8800 yuan of ~ 9000 yuan / ton, drop 600 yuan / ton, drop 6.25% ; Rape oil price is in 14000 yuan / ton, drop 2.78% .
The reporter understands, this year July since the last ten-day of a month, originally the price of domestic soya-bean oil of tall look forward to steeps fall all the way, in August the middle ten days of a month, price of Fuzhou soya-bean oil falls first defeat col of 10 thousand yuan of this one important psychology, maintain 8800 yuan of ~ at present 9000 yuan / ton on level line, with 16000 yuan are achieved when this year March / ton peak value comparing, drop nearly 45% . Not simply trade price drops to the end of cereal, market terminal retail price also continues next explore come the nadir since this year. The much home supermarket such as inn of inn of dragon of treasure of happy in the home blessing, Yong Huibing hill, the reporter sees, xuan Hui, a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China, new yuan, the soybean oil of 5 litres of outfit that waits for most brand inherently, blend oil already all dropped defeat 50 yuan, and peanut oil drops defeat 100 yuan.

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