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Economic structure is queasy, soybean market " cannot help doing sth "
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Enter September the last ten-day of a month, home produces the new beans of district each district to appear on the market in succession, spot market experience is annual seasonal supply pressure, seeking successful exceeding process is medium between Chen Dou and new beans, whole market still continues old make soja " relic " , be in new old below coexisted circumstance, continue to maintain those who slant to be adjusted infirmly to go situation. Will look at present, each district reaps the job to have not spread out in the round, only partial precocity breed appears on the market ahead of schedule, because this new beans place holds market proportion not big still, did not have the concussion effect of materiality to integral price. But those who require an attention is, because international reachs atmosphere of air of home market benefit all very grumous, instead the anticipation of market of be a burden on to new beans price.
Little quote of new beans turnover is confused
According to statistic of Chinese soja net, up to on September 17, new beans of area of Heilongjiang Harbin periphery buys the price to be 3660~3900 yuan / ton, peaceful change an area to be 3700~3800 yuan / ton, black river area is 3600~3800 yuan / ton. Be worth what carry is, because at present new beans appears on the market turnover is less, add quality and not ideal, because this keeps bought commerce trader,number also slants relatively little, and quote suffers trafficker to buy apiration left and right sides, uneven. On the whole, performance of market of near future new beans is poorer, both sides of supply and demand enters city apiration low, cause the market to be able to not encircle what can nod to clinch a deal the capacity appears, partial area suffers demand and effect of benefit air atmosphere, quote appears the fall after a rise of different level. Face new round of soja walks along the beginning of situation, the market still lacks enough appeal to collect person energy of life.
Produce of be a burden on of beautiful economy crisis
The near future, with home market quiet main area posture is compared, the international market is unusually turbulent, fall after a rise of price of crude oil period to 100 dollars exchange rate of the following, dollar goes sturdily strong, especially the United States is new the arrival of crisis of round of economy, accentuated the benefit air atmosphere of whole commodity market. Produce market also becomes global economy to glide in the round " victim " one of. Among them, up to on September 16, CBOT soybean futures falls defeat in the round, open quotation 1168.6 bits, closing quotation 1124 bits, the nadir drops to 1110.2 bits. See not hard, soja already hard place oneself at produce market in alone main area, the development that complies with global economic situation just is the main trend of legume product. Accordingly, short-term in light of, in global economic depression, especially before American economy crisis has not get very good keep within limits, under the pressure that produce market will still move in financial environment to worsen.
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