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Soya-bean oil drops considerably, entrance soja compresses gain loss aggravate
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This week soja price is stable, and the beans dregsed of rice to appear the raise on appreciably, soya-bean oil appeared in drop.

Soybean field:

Value of this the soja inside Zhou Guo is total drop. Homebred soja price drops extent prep above imports soybean, homebred soja competition ability increases, harbin area buys the price to be in 3900 yuan of / ton, than last week the corresponding period drops 350 yuan of / ton, and haven price is in 4550 yuan of / ton than last week the corresponding period drops 50 yuan of / ton. The market clinchs a deal slow.
Current, heilongjiang soybean spot market is cast according to old acquaintance delicate, advocate because be to be faced with new beans now,appear on the market, market difference is bigger, according to making the investigation of place greatly the circumstance looks, the circumstance of bumper harvest of northeast area soybean has decided basically, and the anticipation because of high yield, create greater pressure to this locality soja, expect balance price again 3600 yuan of / ton, this accords with us two of Zhou Qian anticipate, and drop ceaselessly because of what be futures price, the expectation value of fabaceous farming begins to reduce, and trafficker demand a low price is more serious also. According to market report, at present factory of a few large oil begins to begin to prepare to buy the work. Center of national grain oily information predicts Chinese soybean crop is 17.5 million tons this year, and the anticipation of American Ministry of Agriculture is 16.5 million tons, overall for than last year crop increases 3 million tons of above basically. Homebred soja may begin to be transferred with soja to oil this year, adverse to the price.
Last weekend American Ministry of Agriculture was released supply and demand reported September, this report is interest is much to soja, main reason is its think period end inventory compares soja of 2008/09 year United States 2007/08 year is even low, and fall in the circumstance that at present international soja drops considerably, raise difference to the market undoubtedly, also can see in this report, american Ministry of Agriculture continues to move low 2007/08 and 2008/09 the soja of two year compresses quantity, but the extent that we think its are adjusted still is guarded quite. Although American Ministry of Agriculture the supply and demand September reports somewhat interest is much, but go from dish of face of this week situation look, still lose quite, basically be the impact that the effect that gets circumjacent market and economic depression expect.
This week although interest of report of American Ministry of Agriculture is much, but market of domestic and international soybean appeared to drop considerably, the attention drop that this shows the market is the mainest is absent this, however more serious macroscopical economy problem, a variety of evidence show global economy is in decline, this meeting forms greater pressure to the market of later period, drop in oil price especially below the case that breaks 100 dollars, expecting soja price next week still is weak force drops give priority to, but should pay close attention to beautiful beans and the price conversion concern that join a beans, may bring about the price that connect a beans to appear super- drop, drive balance price according to homebred this year soja 3600 yuan of / ton computation, current the value of storehouse only cost that 901 prices had approached even the beans new season soja.
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