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China 1 reach 4.811 million tons to imported edible vegetable oil in July
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Customs total office on September 22 message, according to custom statistic, plant of edible of entrance of accumulative total of 1-7 month China is oily 2008 4.811 million tons, than 2007 the corresponding period (similarly hereinafter) grow 12.7% , add fast relatively 2007 fall after a rise of the corresponding period 11.2 percent; Value 5.58 billion dollar, grow 96.4% . Its entrance basically presents the following characteristic:
One, import volume appeared July rebound, entrance all valence is shown rise quickly trend. Entrance of oil of vegetable of portion China edible reached 905 thousand tons high point in April 2008, begin low, import volume was 508 thousand tons only in June, achieve monthly entrance is new since 2007 low, import volume rebounded somewhat in July, only month imports 730 thousand tons, grow 27.3% compared to the same period, annulus comparing grows 43.7% . Meanwhile, edible vegetable oil is imported all valence by the 962.5 dollars January / ton climb litre to 1 July, 301.2 dollars / ton, accumulative total rises extent is amounted to 35.2% .
2, palm oil import rises considerably, amplitude of soya-bean oil entrance is apparent fall after a rise. 2008 1-7 month, china imports palm oil 2.808 million tons, grow 22.8% , amplitude increases 15.9 percent, 58.4% what occupy oil of vegetable of edible of China of the corresponding period to import gross; Entrance soya-bean oil 1.468 million tons, grow 10% , amplitude fall after a rise 46.2 percent, occupy 30.5% . Additional, import custom duty reduce the import that drove olive oil and coconut oil to rise quickly, 2008 1-7 month, china imports olive oil 5, 492 tons, grow 50% , entrance coconut oil 122 thousand tons, grow 62.9% .
3, east alliance is ground of main entrance origin. 2008 1-7 month, china from east plant of alliance entrance edible is oily 3.154 million tons, grow 18.9% , 65.6% what occupy oil of vegetable of edible of China of the corresponding period to import gross. Among them, import 1.944 million tons from Malaysia, grow 5.8% , import 1.183 million tons from Indonesia, grow 47.5% . In addition, import vegetable oil from Argentina 944 thousand tons, drop 14.8% , occupy 19.6% .
Main reason has the fall after a rise of import volume amplitude with oily 2008 plant of edible of 1-7 month China:
One, Argentine farmer strike affects crop of its soya-bean oil, bring about China to import soya-bean oil to drop considerably from Argentina. Argentina is Chinese soya-bean oil imports the biggest market, china imported soya-bean oil from Argentina 2007 2.248 million tons, 79.6% what occupy soya-bean oil of Chinese the corresponding period to import gross. Since March Argentine farmer was remonstrant politics you home to move soja and its goods to export custom duty to launch the strike 2008, affect crop of its soya-bean oil and export badly. 2008 5-7 month, china imports soya-bean oil from Argentina 246 thousand tons, drop 47.3% . Cancel to go up as Argentine recently government policy of tone custom duty, farmer strike ends, predicting China will restore gradually from entrance of Argentine soya-bean oil.
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