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Price of soya-bean oil spot market drops continuously
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One, spot price circumstance
(on September 13, 2008 - on September 19, 2008) this week, the price experienced spot market of domestic soya-bean oil to drop continuously, the market clinchs a deal slow. With compare last weekend, quote of northeast area soya-bean oil drops, price of one class soya-bean oil relatively drop last week 200 yuan / ton, price of 4 class soya-bean oil falls 400 yuan / ton; Price of China north area drops, 4 class soya-bean oil drops 300 yuan / ton, price of area of part of one class soya-bean oil drops 300 yuan / or so tons; Hua Dong area quote of 4 class soya-bean oil drops 350 yuan / or so tons, one class soya-bean oil drops 350 yuan / ton; Hua Na area 4 class soya-bean oil drops 600 yuan / ton price of soya-bean oil of the left and right sides, one class drops 450 yuan / or so tons.
2, period city situation
Futures of American CBOT soya-bean oil drops continuously, but in Zhou San sole rebounds, connect dish of soya-bean oil futures to show the sign that drops continuously. Futures of American CBOT soya-bean oil agreement dropped continuously in December, in Zhou San lowest closes at 43.55 cent / pound, subsequently sole rebounds. Home joins agreement of dish of soya-bean oil brunt 901 Zhou Lianxu drop, price nadir 7682 yuan / ton, from the point of Zhou Xiantu already successive 4 weeks drop, city still wants discretion after.
3, this week news
One, beautiful Ministry of Agriculture reports report of supply and demand came on stage in September, liduoli coexists for nothing. Benefit empty respect is American soybean crop is moved low, crop of soybean of American 2008/09 year beforehand appraise is 2.934 billion bushel, under August beforehand appraise is 2.973 billion bushel, but crop of soybean of year of prep above 2007/08 beforehand appraise is 2.585 billion bushel. Benefit empty respect is world soybean crop relatively increased considerably last year, from the point of the crop contrast of 2008/2009 year and 2007/2008 year, the United States increased 9.49 million tons, china increased 3 million tons, brazil increases 1.5 million tons, argentina increases 4 million tons. Such making that the soja of 2008/2009 year whole world produces quantitative change to be two hundred and thirty-seven million nine hundred and ninety thousand tons, increase 18.5 million tons than 2007/2008 year. Although American Ministry of Agriculture reported in September also at the same time the soja demand 2008/2009 year whole world, increase 5.77 million tons to reach two hundred and thirty-seven million nine hundred and ninety thousand tons from the foundation of 2007/2008 year, but the addition of crop is apparent the addition that prep above consumes, supply and demand of world soja 2008/2009 achieves a balance basically.
2, world money market is turbulent, the United States casts Hang Leiman's brother to announce to go bankrupt greatly, negotiable securities of United States forest is bought by American bank. 14 days, lei Man's brother applies for to go bankrupt protection, negotiable securities of United States forest also agrees to sell American bank in order to restrain the price of 44 billion dollar. American federal lays in Lin Sipan of case of • of Allan of committee former chairman 14 days to say, the United States sink " hundred years encounter " in financial crisis, this crisis causes the possibility of economic depression to increasing. Group of 16 days of Gao Cheng releases quarterly reports to show when season accrual glides 70% . A chain of sad news of the death sweeps across the whole world, world each district is facing the risk that break down, crude oil is enveloped by place of financial crisis shadow, drop to nearly 90 dollars greatly / bucket, but be avoided by Dalian risk capital is pulled again subsequently litre to 97 dollars / bucket, other goods also is similar case, market of CBOT soya-bean oil also rebounds after dropping continuously, aggravate of concussion of near future market, the risk is increased, investor should avoid risk, cash is king.
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