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Jiangsu oil market continues to present weak city
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Monitor according to the market, jiangsu oil market continues to present weak city.
Soya-bean oil: Collect of  of She of  small cup shakes?000-8100 of Ji of  of disclose of A Chinese-style unlined garment yuan / ton, newspaper of one class soya-bean oil is in place 8250-8350 yuan / ton, the price continues to drop.
Palm oil: Occasionally?4 of axil Zou admirable spends palm oil to quote in 5900-5950 yuan / or so tons, clinch a deal be in 5800 yuan / or so tons. Haven inventory is controlled in 167 thousand tons. Domestic haven is at present palmy oily stock keep long in stock still relatively serious, accept demand depressed influence, most agency still does not wish to purchase palm oil centrally, as demand of festal stock up drop in temperature stage by stage, add new money to harbor have add without decrease, each haven agency continues to follow dish depreciate sales promotion, accelerate the sale plan of pair of inventory palm oil, bring about oily market of current and whole palm to see hollow manage diffuse.
Rape oil: Common of  of She of  small cup is pressed close  is tranquil   Sou holds Ъ of exhausted  of Jia of the  in astral mallet in the palm also common pharynx exhibits writing to change  of    to gallop humorous of pharynx of common of  of dredge of sulphur of Fu of Xiang of ascend of Wo of Yan of graph of  of bewildered of common of Juan of M of awl bridle  " , relatively drop yesterday 300 yuan / or so tons, clinch a deal not much, without Xi Yixing area rape oil leaves factory quote is in 9500 yuan / or so tons, the Huaihe River installs rape oil of golden lake area to leave factory quote is in 9500-10000 yuan / or so tons, rape oil of area of lasher of peaceful city ginger leaves factory quote is in 9000 yuan / or so tons, nantong if east area rape oil leaves factory quote is in 9000 yuan / or so tons.
Peanut oil:  hires ヒ of abduct of Zhang She  to suffer from prevent humorous of fade of  of ㄏ Qian ㄉ "  ?6000 yuan / ton, market of 2 class peanut oil quotes 12500 yuan / ton, stock is not much, clinch a deal the volume is light.   
Sunflower is oily: Lament of sheng of Cheng of ⌒ of humorous of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome forces Juan of  of П of all of H Hui  changes  of She of virtuous ǖ of Zhang of  of    to suffer from?2300 of sex of private school of Ъ of all of calf  ㄓ growing permanent teeth yuan / ton, with keep balance yesterday, demand is weak very, still have stock. Be like east area portion oily plant fat factory price of one class sunflower 10700 yuan / ton, with keep balance yesterday, clinch a deal extremely delicate, still have stock.
Rice bran oil: Phenolic?600 of eminent of  of big-eared ǖ She yuan / ton, the market is not had basically clinch a deal. The Huaihe River brings a district 7500-7700 of quoted price of oil of 4 class rice bran yuan / ton, it is difficult that the market clinchs a deal, the price is stable. Outside sufferring dish the abidance of grease is low fan, market level is poorer, demand of rice bran oily market not beautiful, prices continues fall after a rise, clinch a deal still delicate, need square still with wait-and-see give priority to.
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