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Outside dish glide, soya-bean oil drops situation is more than
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Last week, market level of domestic soya-bean oil continues to drop. 4 class soya-bean oil sells Heilongjiang valence (similarly hereinafter) 8100, 8200 yuan / ton, drop 500 yuan / ton; Tianjin 8050 yuan / ton, drop 250 yuan / ton; Sunshine harbor 7900, 7950 yuan / ton, drop 400 yuan / ton; Home Zhang harbor 8000, 8100 yuan / ton, drop 350 yuan / ton; Anhui 8050 yuan / ton, drop 400 yuan / ton; Guangzhou harbor 7700 yuan / ton, drop 600 yuan / ton. CBOT legume futures falls after defeating year of line to prop up, continue to glide, and domestic entrance oil, seed is supplied to harbor ceaseless, especially homebred oil plants also will greet autumn harvest to appear on the market height, price of soya-bean oil of the city after these interest empty factors still are opposite likely brings pressure of further be issued to lower levels.
Soya-bean oil is entered " Xiong Fu " passageway
Explore of lowest of 3 CBOT soya-bean oil comes last week 44.01 cent / pound, achieve in November 2007 since the portion new low. Beautiful of dish of soya-bean oil futures issue defeat continuously, because option market of international crude oil, soybean is weak September,basically be situation oscillation be issued to lower levels, cause commodity market to trade of state of mind turn apparently empty; Additional, country of close the middle of a month buys the home to wash a boat in great quantities in the international market (soya-bean oil, palm oil) , oily to abroad plant also market forms benefit sky to hit pressure. Last week 2 Asias electron dish in, agreement explore reached brunt of NYMEX crude oil in October 90.42 dollars / bucket, those who achieve nearly 7 months to come is new low. As vegetable oil, seed the abidance of premium of option market the sources of energy drops, especially American money market still be put into trouble at second the far-reaching influence that lends the crisis, greatly aggravate of undersell of bull smooth storehouse, nominal turn situation pressure.
The manufacturer clutchs stock sale
The preliminary data that Chinese customs total office publishs shows, portion home imported vegetable oil in August 2008 580000 tons, than going up year of the corresponding period decreased 33.39% ; But this year first in 8 months, entrance edible oily gross achieves 5379184 tons, compared to the same period amplitude is 6.1% , main because import increase sharply of plant oily measure first half of the year. Official data shows, china is in the portion imported soya-bean oil in August 2008 170000 tons, decreased compared to the same period 35.38% , with keep balance basically July; This year 1, August, home imports soya-bean oil in all 1637808 tons, compared to the same period small add 2.53% . Additional, entrance soja achieved 3.83 million tons to harbor gross August, achieve historical only month to import the new record of the quantity. Came this year in May during August, amount of soja of only month entrance exceeds 3.4 million, 3.5 million tons, foreland imports inventory of soja carry forward to achieve 4 million tons at present. National Day around, it is the crown of the year of the conventional oil plants such as soja of the Northern Hemisphere, earthnut, cottonseed, rapeseed, this means later period our country to compress / the raw material of refined oil factory is supplied overall and abundant, still go against soya-bean oil, beans to dregs of rice of price level sex build a bottom to rebound.
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