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Market of Hubei new soybean is not hopeful, the price " slippery slide "
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The last ten-day of a month in September, hubei province produces soja newly to will appear on the market in great quantities, the author understands from each, successive 3 months, the soja value that Hubei saves completely is in downhill.
From Hubei office of information of market of province agriculture office understands, since June, soja price glides all the way. The middle ten days of a month saved average price to be 6.2 yuan completely in June / kilogram, to August the first ten days of a month falls reach 6 yuan / kilogram, in September the first ten days of a month, average price fall reachs complete province soja 5.9 yuan / kilogram. Zhong Xiang, go kilogram of river, price that brings the prefectural city such as land fell 5.6 yuan the following. Agency of Yang Lin of season retail sales is like the Xiao Neng of temple village, it is a soja buys business. He says, the soja of day door place is about to appear on the market in great quantities, the price is at present lower, be in on average 4.4-4.8 yuan every kilograms. As we have learned, wait in day door, Sha Yang, Zhong Xiang, Hong Hu produce fabaceous large county, today summerly soja price is in on average 6.4-6.8 yuan every kilograms, and autumn beans value is only 4.5-6 yuan. "Although price on the low side, but we were not bought blindly, I feel current price is not Anacreontic still, market condition nots allow hopeful. " Xiao Neng says.
Soja price is in drop, each brand soya-bean oil also launchs sales promotion in succession, depreciate activity. The author was in Wuhan a few days ago supermarket of the 100 storage in some sees, 5 litres hold Lu Hua soybean oil, fall by 61.9 yuan of August reach 57.9 yuan. Same, include blessing to face fish of dragon of the door, gold inside brand of market main trend moves price in succession likewise. Of soja price fall advocate because be of the international market,pull move and of international, home add close finality. Current, depend on sb or sth for existence of soja of our country entrance is spent for 75% the left and right sides. From July market of oil of international of the last ten-day of a month goes weak considerably, trade price case begins domestic edible oil to be reduced in succession. In addition, it is normal to want weather only, soja of international, home can realize increase production this year, add close. Province agriculture hall cultivates course of study to be in expert Zhou Mingyan to express, at present Hubei province soja always is produced unidentified, but countrywide increase production already was become almost finality.
According to center of national grain oily information the report was forecasted in September, 2008 of Chinese soja sow an area to be 9.65 million hectare, relatively increased 2007 10.92% ; Predicting crop is 17.5 million tons, relatively grew 4.7 million tons 2007, amplitude 36.72% . On domestic policy, national hair changes appoint not long ago releases " the directive opinion that develops about promoting soja to machine industry health " point out, our country will accelerate soja to add industrial structural adjustment, can wash out a batch of backward miniature processing factories, breed a batch of treatment to measure 2000 tons / day above, produce, add, sell unifinication, the company of soja oil and fat further processing that has stronger competition ability (group) . " opinion " still ask to control soybean oil fat strictly to produce can blind dilate, in principle no longer its build allow and project of extend soja oil and fat further processing. Accordingly, short-term inside the market will decrease somewhat to the demand of soja.
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