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Macroscopical benefit is empty, dregs of rice price falls defeat once more
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Last week, domestic beans dregses of rice market level continues to drop. It is reported, beans of Heilongjiang Harbin area dregses of rice clinch a deal valence 3800 yuan / ton, keep stable; Oily plant of Liaoning Dalian zone clinchs a deal valence 3790 yuan / ton, drop 60 yuan / ton; Beans of area of Zhejiang peaceful wave dregses of rice clinch a deal the price 3750 yuan / ton, drop 20 yuan / ton; Beans of area of harbor of Jiangsu Zhang Jia dregses of rice clinch a deal the price 3750 yuan / ton, drop 20 yuan / ton; Guangdong area beans dregses of rice pay the price 3700 yuan / ton, drop 50 yuan / ton. The near future, domestic beans dregses of rice spot price is in with dish after small go up once more fall after a rise, foreland beans dregses of rice mainstream of merchandise on hand clinchs a deal the level before valence returns a red-letter day basically.
Money market encounters major interest sky
The near future, although USDA9 month supply and demand reports data interest is much, to CBOT soja period price offerred benefit to be propped up more, but the major interest sky that American money market encounters is hit, the United States casts Hang Leiman's brother to apply for to go bankrupt, bank of United States forest is bought by American bank and crisis of occurrence liquidity of insurance business AIG, all bring powerful benefit sky to pound to American money market, bring about American stock market to steep fall, international crude oil the influence that period price also is deepened by financial crisis, brought about near future beauty of fabaceous period price rebound lack of power. The worry that comes from financial system is the crucial factor that affects international produce price at present, the United States casts frequency of issue of group of travel, international, also make investor undertake safe investment is transferred. Money market is current queasy and of futures of international crude oil fatigued and weak will restrict produce especially the height that soja rises, of benefit sky grand wait-and-see economy element is affecting commodity market in the round, make the influence that CBOT soybean option market casts off periphery market hard, although if inventory slants,main area is supplied,close, output falls still offerring prop up. Predicting near future is beautiful price will still appear dish of ancient stemmed cup or bowl feature of weak force oscillation.
Hand in during the festival cast whole delicate
The near future, domestic beans dregses of rice merchandise on hand is firm in rise, those who rebound propping up basically is to come from last week period price climbs 5 CBOT soja considerably litre of prices, but rise range is relatively narrow, be in 20, 40 yuan / ton. Cooperate because of this lack clinchs a deal effectively, plus to outside dish go of situation wait-and-see, because this foreland is oily the factory is quite careful to the control of price range. The finite benefit that USDA report provides also makes more the market lacks enough kinetic energy, clinch a deal in opposite higher-priced relatively finite. The city after dregsing of rice to the beans at present looks empty person hold dominant, the personage inside partial course of study predicts to there still is stock up one round before the National Day, but turn round a beans to dregs of rice hard hasten of whole of merchandise on hand goes infirmly situation.
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