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Soja of expert predicting our country will considerably increase production entr
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Xinhua net Harbin on September 21 special telegram: Attend " analysis of oily market of grain of 2008 China autumn and commerce negotiate meeting " concerned expert expresses, this year domestic soja will considerably increase production, soja entrance is added fast put delay, give now possibly to fall.
Analysis of center of national grain oily information forecasts ministry expert Zhang Liwei to think, crop of soybean of 2009 year home increases 2008 / considerably, achieve the history new tall. At the same time soja entrance is added fast put delay, give now possibly to fall. Predicting home soja compresses the quantity will continue to increase, exceed 40 million tons first, homebred soja edible and industrial consumption will continue to increase.
Investigate an analysis according to Chinese soja net, 2009 year of 2008 / , our country soja advocate area of producing area northeast cultivates an area to increase as a result of soja reach per unit area yield to rise steadily, predict soybean total output will increase many tons 310 than last year this year, among them Heilongjiang province total output can amount to 8.9 million tons or so, with exceeded 37 % than amplitude last year. Liu Zhaofu of general manager of Chinese soja network thinks, new year northeast produces area soybean market is a very mixed market, very much main influencing factor already was absent soja itself, the influence of international market element will have dominant effect.
Zhang Liwei says, price of international market soja goes situation still be the prime cause that affects domestic soja to buy the price to change. Soja of 2009 year whole world supplies 2008 / slant tight situation is changed apparently, the possibility that occurrence unilateral of price of international market soja rises is not large, predict 2008 / price of soja of 2009 year international market will appear concussion to go situation. But domestic soya-bean oil and beans dregs of rice the price goes situation general is to affect domestic soja to buy the price the main factor of short-term change.

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