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Domestic oil market drops trend slow down
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Domestic futures respect:
Merchandise on hand of grease of 19 days of home leaves high, and trade in on one concussion of upper part of price of day closing quotation is horizontal dish, the market drops kinetic energy is apparently abate, because the market lacks new hype theme, much emptier both sides adjusts a storehouse. Soya-bean oil 0901 drop 20 yuan of / ton, the newspaper receives 7816 yuan / ton. Palm oil 0901 drop 80 yuan / ton, the newspaper receives 5892 yuan / ton. Show on technical graph, day K line shows drop trend slow down, clinch a deal the quantity magnifies continuously, 0901 near futures prop up soya-bean oil 7500. Look from time-sharing graph, round-the-clock horizontal stroke dish arrange, technical index shows super- drop condition, all route system mouth is down, but the market has rebounding demand.
Respect of domestic merchandise on hand:
Spot price of oil of 19 days of home is certain in have drop, market whole clinchs a deal delicate, trafficker feels prices is bad generally. Tianjin zone oily plant merchandise on hand of one class soya-bean oil quotes 8, 450 yuan / ton, relatively 18 days drop 50 yuan / ton, merchandise on hand of entrance wool soya-bean oil quotes 8, 100- - 8, 200 yuan / ton. Guangzhou area merchandise on hand of one class soya-bean oil quotes 8, 200 yuan / ton, relatively 18 days drop 100 yuan / ton. Price of 24 degrees of palm oil is in Tianjin area 5, 950- - 6, 000 yuan / or so tons; Price of 24 degrees of palm oil is in Guangzhou area 5, 900- - 6, 000 yuan / ton, keep balance more basically. Proposal trafficker considers to begin a few buying goods.
International respect:
Zhou Si, because financial industry is queasy,make bull settle warehouse, CBOT soybean futures closes low, but short-term supply insecurity and final output uncertain still offer prop up, suffer what crude oil goes strong to be driven, price of soya-bean oil futures continues to rebound. In November soybean contract open quotation 1132 cent, nod 1139 cent high, low 1100 cent, closing quotation 1116 cent, drop 23 cent; Expression of soya-bean oil agreement was fought in December drop, closing quotation 44.9 cent / pound, rise 0.48 cent.
Zhou Si, the United States and European atmosphere model all show, crop of ministry of Chinese and Western takes mid area to predict to maintain warm and dry weather. Condition of overall on the weekend weather is good, future produces a division 5 days mid still won't appear precipitation, air temperature much prep above is normal level, be helpful for crop maturity. Rainfall menace basically is in western one belt, but place also did not drop in temperature apparently weather.
Zhou Si, futures of palm oil of Malaysia BMD wool rises 7.1% , suffer nominal to answer fill carry brace up, and reached in spot market a lot of new 2009 sailing date contract, BMD is fiducial contract of wool palm oil closed in December tall solstice of 145 your auspicious is every tons tall 2, 185 your auspicious.

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