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Vegetable oil buys two kinds of edible to be not gotten
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The reporter pledges from the Fujian Province inspect bureau learns yesterday, total bureau of national qualitative check organized quality of oily to edible plant product to undertake the country is supervised recently selective examination. Selective examination involve 157 kinds of products that 126 enterprises produce 16 provinces, municipality directly under the Central Government, municipality (do not involve exit product) , include oil of oil of peanut oil, soybean oil, colza, sunflower seed oil, corn, sampling percent of pass of product objective quality is 99.9% . Oil of vegetable of two kinds of edible is included " blacklist " , it is respectively: Sweet garden of hutch of limited company of Zhuhai city Dong Hong food is multidimensional especially sweet peanut oil (1.8L/ canister, 2008-04-02) yuan of food plant that reachs Guangzhou city to increase city profit is very n/COL the head of a family aroma compresses peanut oil (5L/ canister, 2008-02-16) .

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