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Edible oil also should be told fresh
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Recently, the week of activity of 2008 food science and technology that sponsors by national commissariat bureau is held in Shanghai, the achievement of newest science and technology that 9 staple food such as fish of dragon of oil of much power sunflower, gold tasted an enterprise to reveal them, aim to raise the consciousness with consumer prandial science.

Expert introduction, the impact with the sort of edible oil and manufacturing healthy to human body technology is very big, especially the hidden trouble that oil of edible Biedermeier edible may put in different level. Generally speaking, edible oil should be in open the 1-2 after packing it is advisable to give out inside the month, not bright edible oil can make the dissociate inside human body base rise, bring about oxidation of cellular fatty acid, increase suffer from on diabetic the risk that reachs the chronic illness such as coronary heart disease. Last oilily to solve edible problem, on this second activity, oil of much power sunflower was brought for the citizen at present inside course of study most advanced " fill nitrogen to last " new technology, this is to act on " the oil that does not let consumer eat an any mix into to have chemical and artificial foreign matter absolutely " this one target and research and development comes out last technology.

Concerned expert thinks, "Fill nitrogen to last " do not need to add any artificial complex antioxidant in grease, be beneficial to human body health. Somebody thinks even, this technology is at present edible oil lasts the domain is the most healthy the most effective also technology.

On week of this activity of second food science and technology, use oily knowledge to health to popularize a citizen, enjoy inside course of study know a spent much Li Kui higher attar and golden dragon fish two edible oily enterprise shows up on invitation.

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