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Is an edible oily 3 supermarkets because 3 kinds of price manage mode to differ?
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Eve of great river net, one citizen is mirrorred to our newspaper, one class soybean oil is in the fine of fish of 5 litres of dragon that hold gold that she bought recently what the price difference of 3 different supermarkets amounts to 20 yuan unexpectedly is gigantic. "Unlike do not know, jump than frightening, is this price difference too big also? " she indissolubles the ground says.

Citizen: Oil of a pail of edible sells 3 price 3 times on June 18, live in the introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad lady of Ru He road, in A chain supermarket flower is bought 78 yuan a pail of fine of 5 litres of outfit soybean oil of fish of dragon of one class gold. On road coming home, encounter neighbour, the oil is the same as a paragraph of the sales promotion that the other side weighs to he is bought in B supermarket, just spend 58 yuan of money. Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad lady the heart is medium at that time one Jing, did not care about. After 10 days on June 28, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad lady is casual go on road of north of the Huaihe River C supermarket rambles,

Investigation: Same kind of oily price difference really " great disparity "

On July 1 morning, the reporter interlinks supermarket phone to interview to A of Ru He road first. The assistant says " we receive price tall, price is so high " . That day afternoon, the reporter comes to this inn, see a pail this kinds of fat price is 78 yuan really. And be in the supermarket of C of road of north of the Huaihe River with photograph not far adjacent, the oil that be the same as a paragraph sells 63 yuan only really.

View: The different pattern that rent causes valence to differ to work in bazaar the personage inside old job says, bring about the account with different price, probable the management pattern that is 3 supermarkets is different. A chain supermarket is self-supporting mode, company proper motion purchases goods, add valence to sell subsequently, those who earn is the price difference of commodity, because use the pattern that the individual joins in, a few business sites that approach residential area can increase price by oneself. And what supermarket of B, C goes is the mode that rent, manufacturer rents the storefront of bazaar, straightforward style person sells goods, the price of commodity basically is decided by manufacturer, and market gain relies on hire. Accordingly he suggests consumer is best when commodity of choose and buy still is goods compares 3, "Carry only right, do not choose expensive " . (Yu Miao)

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