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Thief of the two caustic in grain oily market " cross a ship "
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Northeast net breaths out Er together together electric grain is oily on July 25 the two caustic thieves in the market " cross a ship "

A month steals oil to feel grain to commit the crime 10 cases

These two days, in build China division inside oily market of urban and rural grain, the person of oil of grain of buying and selling is mutual go around spreading the news, the two caustic thief of grain oil is stolen in the market, was caught eventually spark police station.

In June end, in build China division inside oily market of urban and rural grain, happen suddenly many cases to steal a case. Buy grain or the person of soya-bean oil, just put grain oil to the car to go up perhaps, the time of face about, grain oil disappeared without trace, be troubled by people dare not buy grain oil alone, some dare not buy grain oil to this market again even, affected the business, market course of study door also complaints are heard everywhere. Build China policeman of police station of spark of public security substation for many times expect, burglar did not appear, policeman chela goes, they appear, even victim of follow at sb' heels arrives outside the market, the can that carries a victim runs.

On July 12 morning, concealment the policeman inside the market, discover two doubtful men enter the market. This two people are confused inside the market change, staring at the soya-bean oil that the family buys all the time, just do not have all the time procurable, to midday time, just leave angrily. For not act rashly and alert the enemy, policemans were not eager to moving.

On July 20 morning 8 when 20 minutes, these two doubtful men enter policeman line of vision again. They saunter after circuit, the person that takes the advantage of to buy soya-bean oil is unprepared, carry the plastic barrel of 25 kilograms of soya-bean oil. Policeman and personnel of market security department hit out instantly, catch two crime suspect on the spot obtain.

Guilty suspect Zhang Mou, Wang Mou is to be released after serving a sentence personnel. They from this year since June, in build China division inside oily market of urban and rural grain, theft commits the crime 10 cases, pilfer gets soya-bean oil many kilograms 200, rice face many kilograms 400.

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