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Xi worker used Qi Luyi to be restricted sauce boat
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Dispatch of network of Chinese petrifaction news (Li Zengjie) recently, a worker that the reporter converts company olefin plant in Qilushi saw very special appearance in the home: Special bounds was used when the fried dish cooks sauce boat is restricted with 6 grams saline spoon. Understand carefully, many 1500 workers of this factory hand.

So alkene factory labor is every worker technically to deploy this, deployed nutrient collocation to handle notebook at the same time. This child housewife people but glad, labor of each boast factory " did an auspicious thing for the worker, want to pay attention to troublesome dot to never mind, the key is right healthy have profit, the worker is willing to do. "

Epidemiology investigation shows, healthy adult everyday edible oily intake is unfavorable more than 25 grams, saline intake is unfavorable more than 6 grams. Be restricted through smoke of reasonable and prandial, right amount motion, give up wine, the cardiovascular disease that has 80 % about, diabetic can prevent with the tumour of 40 % .

The reporter is this special young scrutiny the notebook that olefin factory labor sends, see ability understand completely, labour union was done really for business development and worker health plan meticulously, manual of a complete set of covered health of company culture, nutrition all many sided such as recuperation of nutrition of collocation of nutrition of concept, daily healthy diet, common disease, still deserve to special weight control measures a tool, accuse salt and the tool that charge edible oil to wait a moment. Can say concept, theory and operation method, jockey provides Yi Yingqi to have.

The reporter understands, good to do this job, alkene factory labor invited provincial and professional nutrition orgnaization technically -- in wisdom nutrition grooms center, choose an expert technically to press an editor by this center this manual.

Zhang Ping of vice-chairman of alkene factory labor says, "This is afterwards Beijing, Qingdao gains ground in dweller family in succession be restricted sauce boat, be restricted after saline spoon, our factory labor engrafts concept of company culture conduct propaganda, business and the nutrient health confluence of safety of care worker profession, worker is an organic whole, deserved to send for entire factory worker be restricted sauce boat, be restricted the healthy things such as saline spoon and nutrient book, with very the healthy requirement that the way that human nature changes satisfies a worker to care most, also develop to display love with worker health to assure the abidance of the enterprise. Also develop to display love with worker health to assure the abidance of the enterprise..

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