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New York is banned return form adipose food
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American Newyork city rose on July 1, prohibit the place of all sale food includes inn of dining-room, snack, cake inn to wait, use meeting influence returns form healthily adipose, become complete beauty first are banned with turn over the city with adipose type.
The wide deadline of this regulation is 3 months, remove all violating from October compasses shop will be fined to restrain 15 thousand dollar, snack needs even locksmith to use new recipe to make food accordingly.
Palm oil soya-bean oil makes substitute
Before, chef relies on to use contain turn over the hydrogenation vegetable oil with adipose type, make crisp and goluptious cake. To deal with new orders, a lot of chef already tried check new recipe repeatedly, oil of try out ox, lardy, soya-bean oil, palm oil make substitute, the hope makes outstanding fragrance be mixed same before food.
But be not all shop to find new recipe to replace hydrogenation vegetable oil. The Italian sweetmeats with complete the biggest new York makes the general manager of company Ariola admit, with the food that new recipe makes and the flavour previously some differential are fastened, if be familiar with the flavour previously not quite,do not cross a client, should not be aware of.
Villabate Pasticceria of inn of local famous cake is smoked except Italy wheat is wrapped and music strange cake returns form mediumly after adipose composition, receive a client to complain food to there is change in flavour and simple sense respect. But the dietary adviser that has dining room expresses, alimental flavour problem already anticipated than them small.
Although return form adipose already was confirmed as arterial as the heart disease is concerned, nevertheless research points out, the substitute of hydrogenation vegetable oil is like palm oil, contain a large number of saturation adipose, mix possibly to the bad influence of human body dehydration vegetable oil is same. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, dietary adviser shows oil has rolled out the 2nd acting low cholesterol, the hope attracts more chef to choose in the future.
Limitation of Danish whole nation returns form adipose
Denmark is the world on exclusive a limitation returns the country with adipose type. 2003, denmark passes a law, set any turning over adipose content exceeds type the food of 2% does not accord with a regulation.
Canada also rises from 2005, indicative object serves as the fatty acid that return form in the designation of nutrient composition. The country such as Holand, Sweden, Germany is in a few years after 2003, be made early or late and recommended the set limit to that type fatty acid turns over in food, at the same time requirement food manufacturer adds the content of the fatty acid that return form to nutrient label.
Instead type is adipose increase heart disease risk
Instead type is adipose (Trans Fat) the name turns over type fatty acid, it is a not saturated and adipose kind. In the hydrogenation process of vegetable oil, the structure of fatty acid element can be changed, form instead type is adipose. Hydrogenation oil can extend the expiration period, also make food has mouthfeel more, but return form adipose meeting increases harmful to health cholesterol, your meet with suffers from the risk of heart disease to increase. Heart disease is in population the Newyork city of 19 million is killer of number one health, make new York becomes the United States " heart disease capital " . People returns form from what absorb in food adipose and main come from the deepfry that makes with hydrogenation vegetable oil and bake food.
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