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Our country Yo gives the world most " oily " rape oil content is amounted to 54.
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With a kind aggregate breeding, lure change technology and the new method that sporule education combines, our country brainpower is on the world first breeding goes a kind " especially high oil content " rape new strain. Detect show, its seed oil content is as high as 54.72%% . The record of oil content of the wild cabbage that appears in the newspaper than international cole increased nearly 2 percent.

In addition, the oil content of seed of this kind of cole compares the common cole breed that large area promotion swims in the Yangtse River at present also above of tower above 25%% .

New strain of this kind of cole is named to be " in oily - 0361 " , by Wang Han of director of institute of oil plants of Chinese agriculture academy of sciences medium person is bred and become.

"So tall oil content cole is not to turn gene strain. " in Wang Han say to the reporter today, "If take the area of high height above sea level such as Qinghai to cultivate, oil content still can rise at least 2 to 3 percent. Oil content still can rise at least 2 to 3 percent..

According to calculating, this kind of cole mu produce amount to 180 kilograms, every mus of petroliferous quantity is 98 kilograms, have " double low, qualitative actor, early, disease-resistant " wait for good character.

Some earlier of moment newest report, at present price of international rape oil already from every tons of 711 dollars by 2005, shoot up to present 822 dollars. This and the biology derv that the home develops European Union country to be raw material with rape energetically are concerned.

This research of our country scientist, it is a basis but the demand of market of second birth energy, with " tall harbour can is worth " be breeding target and " the quantity has something made to order personally " .

Rape is China cultivates the oil-bearing crops with the largest area, always produce house world the first. Catchment of the Yangtse River is the world's largest rape production area, nearly 1/3 what occupy the world to always be produced.

The doctor in occupying the Wang Han of rape breeding home that has multinomial positive result introduces, our country has cropland of spare time of 300 million mus of winters to be able to be used at present, if be developed entirely, can produce per year derv of 40 million tons of biology, be equivalent to give somebody a new lease on life 1.5 never dried up " green Daqing oil field " .

The personage inside course of study thinks, had " in oily - 0361 " such " tall harbour can " rape breed is done prop up, undoubted meeting promotes the development of industry of derv of our country biology.

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