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Edible oil can give you health, also can ruin your health
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According to " daily Post " report, newest research shows, oil of a few edible can prevent gawkish, and with reduce cancer risk to concern, and another some of oily adipose content is very high, edible excessive is harmful instead and healthy. So, oil of which kinds of edible should you choose? According to this newest research that has in the United States, oumijia - 3 edible oil is beneficial to health, it can reduce heart disease risk, raise attention, the person that afflicts to sufferring the chronic inflammation such as rheumatism sex arthritis is helpful, they still conduce to precaution probably early old sex is gawkish.
However, not be all Oumijia has profit to you. Although Europe rice is added - 6 adipose conduce to the level that reduces haemal cholesterol, but these researcher discovery, if had absorbed oil of much sunflower seed to wait,contain a lot ofOumijia - the edible of 6 is oily, will arise combat the effect, possible meeting lets form gawkish risk to increase to double original. Oumijia - 3 with Oumijia - 6 belong to much not saturated and adipose, still have two kinds of sheet additionally not saturated and adipose with saturated and adipose type. What these types of different amount contain in vegetable oil is adipose, but among them one kind holds dominant position. For example, the sheet in rapeseed oil is not saturated and adipose occupy control a position; Basically be much in sunflower seed oil not saturated and adipose; And a large number of saturation are contained in palm oil adipose.
The oil of any types or adipose can help the body absorb but dissolve the vitamin at grease (A, D, E and K) , produce sex hormone. It is very important to health to be absorbed moderately, especially among them a few grease. Eat when too much saturation is adipose, the level of haemal cholesterol will be elevatory, increase heart disease risk. Absorb measurable sheet not saturated and adipose with how not saturated and adipose beneficial to health, because they can reduce haemal cholesterol level. Much not saturated and adipose conduce to cellular film maintaining flexibility and ooze water function, allow nutrient material to enter a cell, be helpful for eduction trash. But the many not saturated and adipose amount of our edible and balanced it is very important also to spend.
The Oumijia that we absorb commonly - 6 much not saturated and adipose (this is contained to plant in oil of a lot of vegetables, chicken and treatment food adipose) too much, and Oumijia - 3 much not saturated and adipose (common mix at fish oil, a few nut, seed in a few vegetable oil) intake is insufficient. According to the proposal that relevant personnel offers, everyday oil and adipose intake should not exceed everyday 33% of caloric intake. To the male, everyday the intake of grease is 95 grams, female everyday grease intake is 70 grams. If be oily, the male everyday edible 7 tablespoon, female everyday edible 5 tablespoon. Will below admonitory prison is remembered well in the heart, the various edible that the person makes dazzling in facing a supermarket are oily, we plant very clear where should eat more a few, what should cause us more attention.
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