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Fu Tingdong academician: Rape can make biology diesel oil, appropriate develops
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The academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering that pursues rape research for a long time, China when university of middle peasant course of study teachs Fu Tingdong to accepted our newspaper reporter to interview recently, put forward, expand production of our country cole energetically, strengthen rape the research of practical breed and technology, set an example with promotion, increase policy to give aid to strength, bring a farmer into play adequately to cultivate the enthusiasm of rape, it is the efficient way that increases farmer income not only, also be to ensure oil of our country edible supplies the strategic act with energy security.

Fu Tingdong academician thinks, develop production of our country cole to have many sided sense energetically. Above all, from circular agriculture for, rape is exclusive winter oil-bearing crops, the contradiction that contends for the ground with grain cotton is less. Rape still raises the crop that ground photograph combines with the ground, there is important place in the rotate, oily paddy crops for rotation and wheat paddy crops for rotation are compared, paddy but increase production 10% to 15% . Sheet is mixed with respect to rape bolt two stubble hold colza concurrently control account, every mus can be added for the farmer receive 200 yuan to reach 400 yuan.

2 it is from edible oil supplies safe consideration, some closer year, our country is annual plant edible oily consumption reachs 22 million tons for 21 million tons about, at present oil of countrywide edible vegetable produces per year a quantity to only 9.5 million tons reach 9.8 million tons, breach occupies 55% above, can count an import only, contradiction of supply and demand of edible oily market is very outstanding. Current, world cole produces gross area already by on the 12 million hectare of 70 time reachs the century development of 15 million hectare comes to 22 million hectare 23 million hectare. China is the biggest rape production country, in last few years year average rapeseed always produces 36.98 million tons, 27.4% what occupy the world to always be produced about, the rapeseed oil that offers every year takes oil of countrywide plant edible 40% to 45% . Our country still has the field of wintry spare time that cultivates rape aptly 5 million hectare comes 6 million hectare, if use half the number to expand rape production, area of oily colza establish can develop 10 million hectare by current 7.1 million hectare, can alleviate effectively the supply and demand of oil of edible of our country plant is contradictory.

3 be from be beneficial to a countryman in light of healthy angle, rapeseed not only oil content is high, and fatty acid composition is reasonable, linoleic acid and flax acerbity scale are proper, rape oil is most the edible that is helpful for health is oily, get of more consumer love, market prospect is better and better.

4 it is raw material of rape or important feed, chemical industry, the sources of energy. Science studies and carry out a proof, rape is treasure all over, double low cole dregses of rice is the 2nd welcome egg whitening, value and soja pink comparative. Current, cake of our country feed dregses of rice breach makes an appointment with many tons 1000, predict 2010, breach may amount to 38 million tons; Colza cake dregses of rice compound and amino acid has main physiology function, apply extensively wait at food, medicine, cosmetic; Colza peptide is had fight oxidation, fight tumor, fight hypertension and fight the biology active such as AIDS; Rapeseed oil still has extensive chemical use, content of fat of can big about-face changes character, comfortable use at edible and industrial hydrogen sulfide. Our country has the thread such as straw of 2 billion tons of cole every year kind live thing is simple, have important the sources of energy to use value, can alleviate the sources of energy of rural high grade is in short supply badly the current situation. Chemistry changes a technology to consider to make clear, leftover pieces of rapeseed oil fine can produce matter diesel oil with a future life. Be in Europe, rapeseed is the main raw material that produces biology diesel oil, be like 2005 Germany cole of 1.32 million hectare, among them the rapeseed of 51.5% is used at processing biology diesel oil, the rapeseed of 36.4% uses as edible is oily, the rapeseed of 12.1% is industrial oily. The European Union asks to begin from 2005, derv must add the biology diesel oil of 3.5% , to 2010 the requirement adds the biology diesel oil of 5.75% , this makes clear, the European Union wants diesel oil of 14 million tons of biology every year. The development of biology derv, promoted the development that rape produces, abet also oil of vegetable of international market edible rises in price.
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