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Have how many oil everyday appropriate
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Dietetics home offerred a parameter for us, a person everyday grease intake is maintained with every kilograms of weight in 1, 2g is OK. Than the person that is like weight of a 60kg, need grease everyday 60, 120g, be used to a view by people, have 1. 2 ~ 2. 4 two enough. little nutrition is inadequate, much easy and fat, can cause cardiovascular disease (the result) with long-term overmuch edible. Why to have want a range? Because the carry momentum of it and people is concerned, vivid momentum is big, need amount nature is tall also, so the need quantity of athletic generous crowd can approach upper limit.

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The chemical name of grease calls glycerine 3 acerbity fat, in organic chemistry classification by classify " ester kind " , it is glycerine (third 3 alcohol) the result that combines with 3 fatty acid. It is people grows the indispensable material in development, it is one of the most important matter that raise heat addition amount for human body. People edible grease, basically be to absorb the fatty acid that its contain, they can be divided for saturated fatty acid and not saturated fatty acid, especially hind a kind of medium flax acid, linoleic acid, and earthnut 4 Xi acid is the fatty acid in grease of exclusive consist in, also be human body is medium " indispensible fatty acid " , the mankind can be absorbed from inside grease only, and cannot synthesize inside body through other material, lacked them, with respect to the influence human body development is mixed healthy, and even sickish.

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