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How does pregnancy choose cook correctly to use oil
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Many accurate mom are produced to pregnant period the knowledge of prandial nutrition respect pays close attention to very much, especially the edible oily aspect that everybody understands not quite. The expert tells us, when pregnant puerpera is picking edible oil, want to notice to choose to contain a lot ofvitamin and mineral edible oil, will provide needs nourishment for oneself and darling. Edible contains a lot ofproposal accurate mom the edible of much odder not saturated fatty acid is oily, for example tea-oil tree seed is oily. Tea-oil tree still contains rich vitamin E in seed oil, and can promote mine agent generate the absorption with calcium, having very main effect to the cerebrum development of darling and health.

Additional, daily cook uses a lot of people oily method also is not big science. The nutrition of accurate mom matchs eat to be in cooking process, must notice oil is lukewarm unfavorable and exorbitant, because not saturated fatty acid meets sheet become saturated fatty acid as a result of high temperature, lose its nutrition value. In addition, notice edible oil cannot be used repeatedly quite even.

Edible is oily besides eat a health beyond, the expert still supplied a few small clever device that use oil to us. For example: During be pregnant, accurate mom appear more easily skin Sao itchs and weather-shack phenomenon, seed of tea of fish oil of the dragon that use gold is oily often daub, can prevent alleviate this kind of circumstance, besmear is on abdomen, return the generation that can prevent gravid grain. The defecate during be pregnant is dry brought trouble to a lot of pregnant woman with constipation, as long as everyday early morning is hollow unripe feed oil of seed of 1 spoon tea-oil tree, can loosen easily gently the help allows mom to solve costive problem, postpartum pregnant woman is sound with oil, maintain body caloric to absorb a balance, still can avoid postpartum and fat problem. In addition, oil of tea-oil tree seed still can be used at rash of infantile make water, eczema, direct besmear is on the skin of darling, safe and effective.

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