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Allege " one bottle should carry two bottles on the head to use " rash attar tal
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Wall bulletin dispatch (Mao Faming of reporter Chen Ying's reporter) " saying is ' a bottle of oil can support to be used two bottles ' , follow general oil actually about the same, is this to deceive people? " a few days ago, citizen Ms. Zhang issues substation to mirror in vain to Nanjing city industrial and commercial bureau, "Rash face cards " edible oily talk big.

Ms. Zhang home at ordinary times edible oil is used particularly quickly, a month is about to use oil of on one tun, ms. Zhang sees in the supermarket " rash face cards " the advertisement announce of edible oil is fabulous " fragrance is thick, dosage is saved, one bottle should carry two bottles on the head to use " , ms. Zhang was compared, although " Lu Hua " the price of edible oil compares general oil a little a bit more expensive, but she or the Luhua peanut oil that spent 129 yuan to buy a bottle of 5L. But a month went, ms. Zhang a bit did not feel to be saved with oil, a bottle of oil is about to see an end soon.

Business of white come off work executes the law personnel is in Nanjing the discovery when much home supermarket is checked, of the sale " rash attar " stick on series product have " should support one bottle to be used two bottles " propagandist language, and the supermarket also is put in prominent place " Lu Hua is oily " sales promotion exhibits a stage. Through visitting, execute the law personnel discovers advertisement publicizes really revulsive not little citizen to choose rash attar. Execute the law limited company of Lu Hua group of personnel requirement Shandong offers advertisement to publicize " 1=2 " scientific basis, lu Hua company cannot be offerred. Jiangsu saves a language to learn logical sequence of chairman horse scene to say, from the point of lingustic angle, "Fragrance is thick, dosage is saved, one bottle should carry two bottles on the head to use " state can let consumer misunderstanding really. Current, department of trade of white come off work already instructed limited company of Shandong Lu Hua group to correct action of this one unfair competition, make 80000 yuan punishment to its.

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