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Fall after a rise of oily grain price, what course to follow of biology the sour
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Since 2008, oil price experienced international to rise from violent wind of every pails of 100 dollars to summit of 147 dollars summit, glide all the way again next the tragicomedy to 115 dollars; Meanwhile, international grain price with sharper rate fall after a rise: Regard the Thailand with Asian rice fiducial market as broken rate 5% rice and Vietnam are broken lead 5% rice FOB quote parted to be mixed for every tons of 690 dollars recently 550 dollars, relatively the day price of 1000 dollars already fell in April go near 35% to 50% ; And recently since a few months, because the grain crop such as wheat and corn moves the price to also appear on prospective yield of distinct range drop. To biology energy development, the in pairs fall after a rise of price of international oil price, grain, to its the influence has a difference each however.
On one hand, because grain price drops, global food crisis goes gradually gradually far, to biology the sources of energy, "Mice crosses a street, everybody cries dozen " when awkward unfavorable situation already became the past it seems that. With respect to the international in June grain farming organizes Roman plenary meeting, biology the sources of energy still is pointed to to be cause 2007 to 2008 the culprit of global food crisis, because oil-bearing crops is squeezed,took the land of grain crop. According to the statistic of world bank, every machine the sources of energy of 70 liter biology, be equal to the grain ration that uses up a person one year, this is in short supply because of commissariat in a few developing countries and create a society queasy it is unpardonable in the time with political power alternate, it is even " of impersonal path " . Accordingly, a lot of the sources of energy consume a country must as a temporary measure plans biology energy development cease all activities. Nowadays, as the crisis vanish completely, people may develop new energy resources from " still hold the lute in the arms half block face " condition is liberated come out.
When the sources of energy of the biology before this is born not to meet, a main reason is, certain developing country because commissariat cannot self-sufficient, appear supply shortage, bring about global grain price to shoot up. Very apparent, if the system sex element of backside of these national food shortage is insoluble, cannot provide effective incentive mechanism, similar food crisis continues possibly still henceforth to perform. And commissariat produces big country to be this be taken to the execution ground together with those to be executed as a form of intimidation again without reason.
On the other hand, drop with grain price brought interest good news is different, of international oil price reduce, formed to the development of biology the sources of energy however " squeeze an effect " . Because crude oil imports cost to decrease, finished product fat sale price is reduced bring about price of biology the sources of energy to hold high relatively, consumer lacks motivation to regard a car as motivation biology fuel, accordingly, cause impact to industry of energy of whole live thing. According to the report, derv of many 20 biology of Shandong produces a business, the half already closed nowadays close down, stop production of other in part. There are 3 kinds of choices below this kind of condition: The first, like European country, pass conduct propaganda, will encourage individual and enterprise to use reproducible biology fuel from the height of morality and justice that reduces greenhouse gas to discharge; The 2nd, like the United States, offer the finance of certain amount subsidy to the production of native biology alcohol, with the price advantage of countervail fossil fuel; The 3rd, like most developing country, fossil fuel is used when oil price drops, wait for the development that biology changes to the sources of energy again when oil price rises. Apparent, the practice of last kinds of opportunism is to be not had but durative, the sources of energy that cannot ensure homeland is safe.
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