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The European Union investigates biology derv to import a dumping
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The European Union has begun to be aimed at the biology diesel oil that imports from the United States to spread out turn over allowance to reach turn over dumping investigation.
European Union industry says to European Union committee, they send existing and enough evidence to confirm trade of derv of American allowance biology, and derv of biology of dumping of market of Xiang Ou alliance, this one behavior affected trade of European biology derv badly.
Whether does the findings report of European Union committee accord with the measure that decides the United States the trade rules of the European Union.
Peter Power of spokesman of European Union trade says, we always say the European Union won't be patient inequitable trade measure, the European Union will seek any having actively of factual basis complain. He says, european Union committee undertakes try every means investigating, will take step according to findings.
European Union committee accepts what bureau of European biology derv puts forward to turn over allowance to reach at beginning on April 29 turn over a dumping to investigate a requirement. Committee says, the data of bureau of European biology derv has enough card demonstration fact production of fuel of American allowance biology, include federal consumption tax, income tax to touch among them avoid etc. The United States still implements different allowance project. The data of bureau of European biology derv still confirms derv of biology of dumping of market of American Xiang Ou alliance.
Committee will begin to investigate at present, will adjudicate on the latest temporarily at will be being made on March 13, 2009. The biology diesel oil that the European Union imports basically comes from the United States. The biology derv amount that the European Union imported from the United States 2005 has 7000 tons only, but arrived 2007, this one quantity is added reach about 1 million tons.

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