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Policy supports spilt water cannot be gathered up again
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A year short, rice rises in price nearly 50% , cereal and price of vegetable rape oil broke up one time, hard time one disaster after another of the poor. Below this kind of setting, conference of high level of world food safety pulls open heavy curtain in Italian Rome at the beginning of this year June.

On the conference, biology fuel causes current food crisis " a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes of behind the curtain " one of, arouse each square extensive controversy, the prospective destiny of biology fuel is enveloping suspicion in one's mind.
The biology fuel that denounces by the person

In conference of this high level, the criticism of fuel of each square opposite content is in centrally the following 3 domains:

Above all, development biology fuel causes grain price to rise. Biology fuel is those who eat food " tiger " , an example that often is cited is, produce 25 gallon (1 gallon adds up to 4.5 litres about) the food that biology alcohol place wants can feed a person one year, and these alcohol can be added only full the gasoline tank of car of a SUV.

Total a secretary in charge of sth of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Diwufu says in the criticism on the meeting, the developed country takes out farmer of allowance of hundreds 100 million dollars every year to plant the crop that is used at producing biology fuel, for the sake of will going up 100 million tons cereal is snatched from the dish of people, use at replete car gasoline tank.

International Monetary Fund estimates, the whole world is right in the increase part of demand of main grain crop, about the half results from the fuel of national development biology such as the United States. The corn of the 1/3 that the United States produces this year will be used at producing alcohol, the United States exports the ability of corn to had been affected.

Next, development biology fuel destroys an environment. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development says in a report about biology fuel, biology fuel " offers the way to deal with a situation, the trouble that the likelihood means to solve than it is bad still... it will be disturbed the market, did not bring very auspicious point to the environment however. ... if consider diversity of acidification, use fertilizer, biology loses the noxiousness with agricultural insecticide, alcohol and biology derv exceed the impact of benzine and mineral diesel oil to the environment far to overall effect of the environment. "

The 3rd, development biology fuel increases greenhouse gas to discharge. Biology fuel is considered as the green the sources of energy with less discharge capacity of gas of a kind of greenhouse all the time. But discover in recent research, because develop biology fuel to may destroy forest and wet ground, bring about a large number of carbon that store among them to send out in atmosphere, meet instead aggravate whole world is calefacient.
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