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Derv of European Union biology was produced 2008 can hopeful grows 55 %
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According to bureau of European biology derv (EBB) issuance newest report shows, the biology derv of the European Union was produced 2008 can hopeful grows 55% , achieve 16 million tons.

EBB says, the European Union has not achieve the investment goal of biology derv industry. Because European market interest is limited, at present home still has unused yield can.
Of EBB statistical data showed 2008, because member country does not have stable biology derv market, the yield that still has 3 million tons at present so can be unused. Although European Union output will grow 17% this year, achieve 5.71 million tons, but amplitude wants the amplitude under before a few years.
EBB says, biology derv crop was 5.7 million tons 2007, year have 16.8% only than amplitude. Market situation produced adverse change, business of production of this specification European Union is very hard compete with the B99 fuel that imports from the United States.
Since 2006, the biology derv yield that the European Union has 6 members state in 27 members country tends drop, the crop of other country criterion backwater not before.
76% what biology derv occupied fuel of European Union biology to consume last year, and still be main biology fuel, in order to satisfy the biology fuel objective of the European Union, arrive namely biology fuel mix into was mixed 2020 rate should achieve 10% .
Official of trade of the European Union at the beginning of this month begins to be aimed at entrance of American biology derv to whether disobey international trade code to undertake investigating.

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