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What biology the sources of energy breaks global commissariat supply and demand
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As a result of price of global the sources of energy climb considerably continuously litre, of the fast, influence of the development speed of latter biology the sources of energy was head and shoulders above people greatly anticipate. The development of biology energy technology has had very long history, but replace the sources of energy as a kind, its develop speed to want the sources of energy of tradition of be enslaved to be enslaved to (oil, coal) of the price restrict. After entering 21 centuries, world oil price climbed litre of development that is biology the sources of energy to provide enough power and space considerably. The total output of global biology the sources of energy is at present close 80 billion litres, main generator is the United States, Brazil, European Union and Canada, occupy the 90% above of total output of global biology energy. Will become a kind of normal state of global economy in view of high oil price, the rapid growth trend of biology the sources of energy is cannot of check. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations predicts, the total output of global biology the sources of energy will achieve 120 billion litres 2015.
The final origin of biology the sources of energy is agriculture, consequently the development of the pattern of world commissariat supply and demand and biology the sources of energy exists to be contacted directly. Of price of commissariat of near future world the result that soaring is biology energy development greatly. Grain price soares protection of causes commissariat export trade and of a lot of developing countries queasy the focal issue that already became international society attention. Global grain total output was in 2.1 billion tons 2007, exceed 100 million tons among them (hold total output 5% the left and right sides) production of energy of biology be usinged as. Be the requirement with this additional share those who broke global commissariat supply and demand is balanced.
Normally the circumstance falls, 3.3 tons of corn can produce alcohol of 1 ton of fuel. Consider to discover, although the United States is cultivated all corn and soja produce content the sources of energy with a future life, also can satisfy countrywide gasoline demand only 12% 6% with derv demand. 2006, 1/5 what plant of 112 biology fuel used up afore-mentioned corn crop almost, those who change is about 5 billion gallon (1 gallon adds up to 3.785 litres about) alcohol. If calculate,go up their yield increases a plan, still have somewhat be in the factory of build, to the end of this year, crop meets the corn that complete United States exceeds an in part to be swallowed by the machine of these biology fuel plants.
Additional, of oil price rise to also meet those who stimulate crop of biology the sources of energy to cultivate further. Developed biology fuel to increase the wastage of commissariat energetically, when hoping to use commissariat and precious farm to make biology fuel with Europe from the United States, the phenomenon that commissariat depreciates disappeared. On January 23, american president Bush makes a speech in report of its national condition the benzine dosage that United States of middle-sized call together did not come to 10 years is cut down 20% , 2017 will but second birth the sources of energy makes dosage increases 35 billion gallon, in order to replace the benzine dosage of 15% . Because the use of biology the sources of energy brings about corn,rise in price adjacent 100% . According to the plan of American government, future should replace the gas of 20% with biology alcohol, need uses up the United States 50% to the corn crop of 80% , this can raise American commissariat price considerably not only, world commissariat structure also will get accordingly major effect. The European Union also plans to be expected to achieve 11 million tons in output of energy of the biology before 2010. The food that makes species establish expand to enter food to produce treatment course accordingly with biology the sources of energy can decrease -- this will raise commissariat price. In Brazil, because grain price is rising, the farmer is many corn of replant of fell trees virgin forest, bring about Brazil to make the world gradually gas of the 4th big hot house discharges a country, as the biology fuel addition to commissariat demand, more and more forests are being destroyed, the plan that this also borrows plant photosynthesis to balance combustion to discharge carbon dioxide with biology fuel is violated. Additional, because these primary crop are the raw material of a lot of other agriculture activities, because the price of these this primary crop will push expensive pulp kind, breed kind of price with other and daily food. For the another respect from biology the sources of energy, biology the sources of energy squeezes the resource that took commissariat to cultivate, used up grain crop, created much waste, destroyed land natural resources. Biology the sources of energy accentuated instead the circumstance that commissariat is in short supply, aggravate poverty and hunger. Now, world bank, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and international Monetary Fund think more consistently, rise of demand of biology fuel trade ceaselessly, it is the main reason that causes commissariat to rise in price. On the other hand, oil price rises to still affect agricultural production, for instance of fuel rise in price to make the use charge of the farm tool such as the tractor is increased, and the natural gas that is used at producing certain and phyletic chemical fertilizer rose in price to also increase agriculture to produce cost on certain level.
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