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Swedish company plans to use loose oil to refine biology diesel oil
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On July 8 message: Company of Preem of Swedish fine business showed on July 7, because the market criticizes biology fuel production to cause food price violent wind to rise, consequently they plan to begin to produce biology diesel oil with pine oil.

Preem will will with the forest advocate Sodra Skogsagarna company and Sveaskog company are collective and contributive build a plant, produce pine oil, regard biology as the raw material of fuel.

Preem still will transform his to be located in the crude oil refinery of area of fort of elder brother heart, make its OK fine pine oil, vegetable oil and animal fat. , the adjustment of refinery will 2009 the bottom ends, at the appointed time this factory is annual and OK fine raw material of 140 thousand tons of green. To do not produce competition with food, preem will take the lead in using a wood - raw material.

Preem will invest Ke Lang of 250 million Sweden on these two projects, be equivalent to 42 million dollar. Among them Ke Lang of 50 million Sweden builds those who be used at new plant, make an appointment with Ke Lang of 200 million Sweden to will be used at transforming old plant equipment additionally.

This spokesman says, refinery of fort of elder brother heart will begin to process pine oil. At present we basically use rapeseed oil and fuel of ethanol production organisms, and new project will be new one step. The raw material such as the litter that the company does not eliminate to use rapeseed and butcher plant produces biology fuel.

Biology fuel basically is mixed by wheaten, corn, sugar cane the crop production such as vegetable oil, be regarded as to reduce the kind that carbon dioxide discharges.

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