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Industry of American biology fuel lasts outspread
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Stem from the development of energy security, stimulative rural economics, respect such as protective environment to consider, american government is advocated energetically and give aid to biology fuel is produced, bring about the United States to become the biggest live thing on the world to fuel is produced and consume a country. Biology fuel production developed huge to urge action to American economy, at the same time oily to international grain also market produced tremendous effect.

Biology alcohol

The United States is the biggest ethanol production country on the world, alcohol commercializes production only then at last centuries 90 time, raw material basically is corn. 2006, 5% what alcohol occupies American benzine to consume gross about, alcohol mix into burns scale to be normally 10% , 46% what add the mixture benzine of alcohol to occupy countrywide benzine to supply gross.

According to the United States but the statistic of association of second birth fuel, up to by 2006, the United States shares 111 alcohol manufacturer, productivity is 16 million tons. Additionally 76 factories and 300 factories lie respectively in construction and plan in. To 2009, alcohol productivity will achieve 34.9 million tons. If be in,the manufacturer in build and planning throws production entirely, alcohol productivity will achieve 98 million tons.

According to statistic of American Ministry of Agriculture, the United States was 2.15 billion bushel 2006 with the corn that produces at alcohol (hold corn total output 20% ) , predicted to be 3.2 billion bushel 2007, predicted to will achieve 4 billion bushel 2009. Because be used at the corn amount that alcohol produces to grow ceaselessly, corn rose in price 2006 50% above. American corn cultivated an area to predict to be 90.5 million acre 2007, than going up growth of year of 78.3 million acre 15% , for the top level since 1944.

The biggest challenge that employment of American ethanol production faces is carriage problem. American ethanol production basically is located in corn belt, great majority alcohol relies on lorry, train and barge to undertake carriage, bring about this kind of carriage infrastructure thereby extraordinary tension.

Profit margin is low it is another problem. Two years corn price rose nearly 1 recently times, since achieving 10 years top level, alcohol is produced almost already profitless. Ethanol production profit was 2.5 dollars in July 2006 / gallon, dropped in January 2007 to 50 cent / gallon, the level that dropped to be balanced to profit and loss further in Feburary 2007. 2006, every bushel corn is producible 2.8 gallon alcohol, ethanol production cost is 1.14 dollars / gallon, alcohol produces average interest rate to be 25.3 cent about / gallon. Alcohol sale price changes as season happening, was 4.23 dollars in June 2006 / gallon, was 1.68 dollars in September 2006 / gallon, was 1.87 dollars in January 2007 / gallon, was 2.21 dollars in March 2007 / gallon.

Biology derv
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