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France states the European Union may need to reconsider biology fuel target
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France expresses, the European Union must reconsider a plan possibly 2020 biology fuel mix into is mixed rate achieve the goal of 10% , perhaps extend deadline.
NathalieKosciusko-Morizet of French environment minister says, with respect to biology fuel, we do not eliminate to reconsider the possibility of this one target for a long time, but not be current problem. The European Union makes such target may be a mistake, the European Union ought to establish strict environment and social standard for biology fuel development, consider to adopt what kind of mix into to mix next rate.
These standards must include to ensure biology fuel won't the measure that misdirect food produces. We ought to suspect the likelihood the mix into of 10% mix rate, perhaps defer implement such measure.
At the beginning of this month, italy becomes the member state that the European Union makes public target of fuel of biology of requirement examine and verify the first times.
England also puts forward such is anxious, this week England government will receive the report that a concerned biology fuel that awaits for a long time affects.
The target of the European Union aims to stimulate investment, but rise considerably as global food price, this one target has made critical focal point.
StavrosDimas of environmental committee member ever expressed, european Union target must be depended on but durative and calm.
The developed country is reducing the dependence to importing crude oil hard, reduce carbon dioxide to discharge, this brings about biology fuel dosage to rise considerably. But critical personage points out, biology fuel industry encouraged silvan fell trees, drive food to rise in price.

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