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Foreground of fuel of biology of contusion of cost tall look forward to
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Because produce cost to rise ceaselessly, use at replacing petrolic the sources of energy of biology fuel etc also is faced with development bottleneck, this one situation may contuse the effort that people replaces the sources of energy to lower oil price through developing in the near future.

A few years ago, economist of a lot of energy is fatidical, oil price tall look forward to will promote the appeal that replaces the sources of energy to go up in economy, drive biology derv or wind energy to wait thereby replace the sources of energy to get great progress.

However a lot of actual conditions fail to meet each other with this prophecy however. Although crude price already approached every pails of 100 dollars, but the appeal that replaces the sources of energy partly still is inferior to even previously.

One of reasons depend on, driving energy demand is brought about almost the supply of fuel of avery kind of is faced with inadequacy, pull a lot of high replacing then the price of the raw material of the sources of energy. The price of fuel of a few biology depends on even the prices of produce market, and the edible demand of these crop also is rising ceaselessly, make the price farther rise.

Although solar energy, nuclear energy and other energy resources are certain also of degree face this problem, but the most outstanding still belong to what make with crop to replace the sources of energy, be like alcohol and biology derv. The analyst inside course of study says, there are every pails of 50 dollars only in crude price when, the economic benefits that produces biology diesel oil with the crop such as soya-bean oil and palm oil and crude oil photograph have certain competition ability than returning.

But raw material price rises considerably make the economic benefits of biology derv industry produced sharp change, the go upping that for instance case of palmy oil price goes 3 years exceeded 90% . Association of Malaysia palm oil (MalaysianPalmOilAssociation) before chairman Qian Delan (M.R.Chandran) express, below current environment, crude price should rise every pails of 130 dollars, the biology derv gift that makes with palm oil has competition ability. But other oil substitute is pollution even the price relative to more serious coal is higher than before. Coal price rose 4 years in the past one times above. Meanwhile, the price of the uranium of crucial raw material of nuclear report rises exceeded even sixfold. For example silicon, as a result of this kind of solar battery the supply of main raw material appears shortage, a few years the cost of the solar battery also was rising in the past.

ARCFinancialCorp. Those of presiding energy economist gets • Tezajian (PeterTertzakian) say, cost surveyor's pole had changed for certain, below this kind of circumstance, the interest that supersedes function source to want attract people is more difficult. Come so, those who predict those who replace the sources of energy to popularize speed to will compare people forecast is a lot of slower. ARFinancial is Canada the equity of person of one family property that Aerbaite saves Kaerjiali invests a company.
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