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Culture dress - T-shirt informal discussion
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T - ” of compensate of SHIRT transliteration “T shows short sleeve circle receives a shirt only, english-Chinese language allusion also has this one explanation only. But be in China, people however constant turndown turtleneck unlined upper garment (abroad says Po-lo-shirt) calls T-shirt unlined upper garment, such confuse one thing with another may be to be based on stylish men and women people to the T-shirt always distain. But actually, be in Euramerican etc develop the T-shirt is in a country compare with other dress photograph in dress bound and fashionable tide anything but low, have its distinctive place instead----Be in fashionable dress and art between, formed T-shirt culture and T-shirt major. Be in the United States, have professional T-shirt stylist and design company, often release, show new style of T-shirt new school; Professional T-shirt association publishs T-shirt magazine and constituent T-shirt exhibition to design a contest regularly; The equipment of T-shirt printing machinery that professional T-shirt industry expert studies to development uses achievement of newest science and technology and printing and dyeing expect; because formed whole T-shirt industry system, american T-shirt makes the class of 2 big dress that holds chief position in world garment industry like ability and its bull-puncher dress. Jeans of this pardonable also “ adds T-shirt ” to be regarded as have beautiful type most the dress of recreational style was represented.

Be in our country, the T-shirt has a name: Culture unlined upper garment, it is considerate and exact really did not pass. The T-shirt is the dress that can reflect a culture value directly most really, hundred years changeless design and fabrics make the T-shirt regards the functional huge of dress as simplification, simplified to become the carrier of culture like white paper; And the principal part that the culture content that T-shirt place bears the weight of makes its value however. The value that people buys what T compensate pays attention to most is its design and the value of fabrics already fell minor position, resemble buying artwork to won't study whether costly its paper is same painstakingly, of course the quality of the content that the quality of carrier also can bear the weight of to its produces a few effects. In American market, garment of base of a T-shirt (70% import by China) the price is left and right sides of 2 U.S. dollors commonly, imprint the different price that the T-shirt of good design looks its design value in 8 ~ 25 U.S. dollors fluctuate, and if if the design of the T-shirt already was fashionable place,washing out fogyism, its price will fall to 10 U.S. dollors 3 degree. Browse at present magazine of one noumenon Yo, the ox team vitality that lost Jordan writes to already broke above: Ox team T-shirt follows U.S. dollor of  ampling?5 now the ticket is given freely cannot attract the public to be opposite the interest of ox team competition ground. Compensate still is that compensate, makings or that expects, why be like this lose? Culture, the culture that its bear the weight of devalued.
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