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With peanut oil leftover pieces technology of manufacturing organisms derv obtai
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Chinese petrifaction signs up for on September 11 dispatch a few days ago, the Qingdao city science and technology that institute of Shandong province earthnut assumes tackles key problem project " the research that uses peanut oil leftover pieces and ground channel oil to manufacture technology of biology derv key " obtain major breakthrough, application country is patent 1, pass expert appraisal, research achievement achieves international banner level.

Through indefatigable effort of nearly 3 years, this research was built use fat of leftover pieces of ground channel oil, vegetable oil, deserted animal to produce biology diesel oil crucial technology system, invented the biology diesel oil that has own intellectual property to produce equipment, manufacture process safety, energy-saving, environmental protection. Via detecting, produces biology diesel oil, overall index all reachs level of 0 derv of our country, 0 derv of our country of partial index excel and standard of American biology derv. By-product glycerine quality also reachs analytic pure level.

Already built at present produce per year 600 tons, 3000 tons, 10 thousand tons biology derv is small try, in try and product line. Research achievement has been in Qingdao, Beijing, Wuhan and other places realizes industrialization, year productivity achieves 150 thousand tons, add obtain employment post newly more than 1500, the contract makes over amount many yuan 800.

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