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Group of Australian biology derv: Company production profit is protected at most
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On May 29 message: Replace sexual fuel to produce business according to Australia -- group of Australian biology derv (ABG) express, according to operation fiducial, the company may appear this year profit. ABG production profit ever appeared 2007 deficit. Total loss specified number is spent amount to 1 million dollar, forehead of net loss caustic is spent for 30 million dollar.

ABG is managing the biology derv manufacturer with the biggest Australia in Narangba area.

Bevan Dooley of ABG presiding apparitor expresses to partner on company annual meeting, profit of 3 quarters company may not have profit and loss this year. The company will adopt strategic measure to stabilize commerce, the manufacturing efficiency that includes to improve Narangba plant among them is waited a moment. Standard of bovine oil price is low, and crude price tall look forward to, this will conduce to development of biology derv industry.

ABG supplies Lanzhou of elder brother person and Xin Nawei the fuel mix into of Er person city confuses dealer, mix into mixes business to sell the product commercial site, shopkeeper and governmental user next.

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