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Smooth cool add 10 thousand mus newly " biology derv library "
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A few days ago, smooth cool city is preliminary the plant of corporeal the sources of energy that builds 10 thousand mus -- , the sources of energy of shiny leafed yellowhorn forest experiment base, this indicates qualitative the sources of energy develops an our country biology to save smooth cool city to step the one pace of a materiality in me.

Oil content of seed of shiny leafed yellowhorn is high, seed oil is given priority to with not saturated fatty acid, can make advanced edible oil, lubricant, paint, soap and wax still can be produced on industry. According to preliminary analysis, the biology diesel oil that produces by oil of seed of shiny leafed yellowhorn is relevant hydrocarbon fat kind composition content is high, embedded the hydrocarbon of 18 carbon kind occupy 93.4% , and without sulfur, wait for contaminative environment factor without nitrogen, accord with index of derv of good live thing, so, shiny leafed yellowhorn pledges as forestry biology the sources of energy is the main component that the country replaces the sources of energy to develop the strategy, have resources latent capacity big, do not contend for the ground with forestry, do not contend for grain with the person, can achieve a lot of advantage such as industry and zoology win-win.

Classics textual research, plant of forestry biology qualitative the sources of energy -- , shiny leafed yellowhorn is in smooth cool city feral distributinging amount amounts to 750 thousand much individual plant. At the beginning of March, the country builds derv of biology of shiny leafed yellowhorn in smooth cool city this year certainly demonstrative base of raw material forest 10 thousand mus. This year in April, smooth cool town is one-time build demonstrative base of shiny leafed yellowhorn ten thousand five hundred mus, one million and three thousand five hundred individual plant.

Battle of Liu of bureau of forestry of division of cave of Kong of smooth cool city makes the same score director introduction, current, the biology of smooth cool city pledges base of experiment of forest of the sources of energy built the job to had obtained level sex positive result. Henceforth, forestry bureau will continue to do exceedingly content to pledge the filling plant of forest of the sources of energy helps go to, base canal is protected and nursery stock breeds the job. Strive to make the same score cool city to become biology of our country northwest to pledge the experiment base with the largest forest of the sources of energy.

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