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Demonstrative project of industrialization of derv of 3 big live thing starts ho
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National hair changes appoint exposure, develop with industry of normative biology derv to encourage, prevent to repeat construction and investment waste, develop overall train of thought and basic principle according to biology fuel industry, combinative state concerns deploy of policy requirement and industrialization job and arrangement, the near future was approved in total mill of oil refining chemical industry is filled south oil 60 thousand tons / year, in petrifaction Guizhou branch 50 thousand tons / year oily Hainan of the sea in mixing 60 thousand tons / year demonstrative project of industrialization of derv of biology of 3 small tung oil tree.
Change according to sending appoint the introduction, development biology derv regards a complex system as the project, the choice has biology fuel to develop experience, the oversize that can assume heavy responsibility is state-owned Petroleum Company, go ahead of the rest begins biology derv to set an example project sense is great. Basically be wait for each link from former expect market, breed, guide and industry of normative biology derv grows, accumulate experience stage by stage, form a car to be produced with biology derv, store carry, sale and measure of use whole set technology and administrative measure, to will be advanced in the round henceforth pilot lay solid foundation.
Hair change appoint say, alcohol of Chinese biology fuel obtained level sex positive result, while alcohol of the fuel that be not grain is advanced steadily, begin the biology derv industrialization with market space and greater potential to set an example working opportunity is mature already. But its did not divulge afore-mentioned projects always invest amount and factory to build date, also did not divulge when China will stipulate the car uses biology derv to serve as fuel.
The personage inside course of study points out, development biology diesel oil is major to our country meaning. Consume big country as derv, the derv wastage of our country makes an appointment with 70 million tons or so every year, among them, the 1/3 supply and demand that relies on an entrance to balance the market is contradictory. And the assessment that occupies IEA of arrange of international the sources of energy, china already was the whole world that is next to the United States the 2nd old oil consumes a country, count level to abroad petrolic bigger and bigger. Development biology derv will conduce to those who reduce pair of fossil the sources of energy depending on. It is reported, china already set target, to 2010, will use diesel oil of live thing of 200 thousand tons of can; To 2020, increase to 2 million tons, with alleviating its are depended on to what crude oil imports.

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