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Rapeseed of Lv of soja oil palm is oily (oil dregses of rice) prices of the city
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For cooperation industry of broad grease, feed, futures is sold, purchase soybean oil, palm oil, rapeseed oil, grease, oil plants, oil to dregs of rice wait for a product, understanding, master oil of oil of home of the international inside a period will dregs of rice henceforth 2007 market level goes situation, look into establish of our country soja, oily colza produced a situation 2008. The expert of manager of the manager that cent of business of production of numerous oil of Commodity Exchange of Zhengzhou of combination of Chinese rapeseed net, Dalian Commodity Exchange and home, feed, international trade, grease sells company of businessman, futures, branch and orgnaization of domestic and international government and large company, on July 2007 23-24 day is held in city of Jiangsu province Nanjing " rapeseed of Lv of soja oil palm is oily 2007 (oil dregses of rice) prices of the city after refer of be in harmony of purchase and sale goes situation analysis to meet " , invite your company to attend at the appointed time.
Bencihui discusses the grain in will having, the place of company of two big groups belongs to beneficial sea oil company attends the meeting, the delegate that will the United States, Malaysia, Canada, France is stationed in Chinese orgnaization and company general manager (president, director) attend the meeting, will domestic rapeseed, soja buys treatment company, the international trade company of each haven soja, colza, palm oil, salad oil, rapeseed oil, soya-bean oil attends the meeting, will feed produces enterprise and company of feedstuff imports and exports to attend the meeting, will domestic grease cent sells business, jobber and large supermarket company to attend the meeting, the prices researcher that has futures company, market development personnel attends the meeting.
The main content that Bencihui discusses has: Analysis of expert of international, home is forecasted prices of later period of soybean oil of international, home, palm oil, rapeseed oil went 2007 situation; Enterprise and businessman are purchased on the meeting and sale rapeseed oil, soybean oil, palm oil, soja, colza, oil dregses of rice wait for oil of a large amount of grease oil plants to dregs of rice wait for a product; The expert of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, Dalian Commodity Exchange introduces futures of rapeseed oil, palm oil to invest value and agreement regulation to devise plan on the meeting. Predict to attend Bencihui to discuss a number to be controlled in 200 people.
Breed of purchase and sale: Oil of homebred soja, colza, cottonseed, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, cottonseed, beans dregses of rice, dish dregses of rice, cotton dregses of rice etc; Salad oil of oil of entrance soja, colza, young soya bean, beans, palm oil, rapeseed oil, beans dregses of rice, corn, fish meal, colza dregses of rice etc; Oil production facilities, examine the product such as equipment. (the conference reveals a stage to produced enterprise, trading company to offer free product, the company that hopes to need a product to reveal takes sample to reveal oneself) .
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