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Exhibition of high-quality goods of oil of edible of 2007 China Shanghai, olive
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Exhibition of high-quality goods of oil of edible of 2007 China Shanghai, olive oil (Fair)
7.18~20 Shanghai

Mobile brief introduction:
The need that to get used to Chinese edible oil the market admits, for oil of domestic and international edible the enterprise offers the development business chance of a development market, this second activity will be the enterprise shows conduct propaganda, product promotion, enlarge a brand famous degree, those who promote the market consequence is efficient communication platform. Will invite the whole nation at the appointed time controller of each big supermarket, trafficker, agency, hotel look around, dimensions is royal, business chance is infinite!

Hold ceremoniously: Height of Chinese edible oily industry is met countrywide agency and agential congress
The corresponding period holds: Exposition of wine of name of 2007 China and foreign countries

Directive unit: Association of trade of China International food
Sponsor an unit: Oily exhibition of Chinese Shanghai edible / organizing committee of exhibition of international olive oil
Undertake unit: Culture of Shanghai annulus rich can exhibit a company
Mobile time: On July 18, 2007, 20 days
Hold a place: Shanghai multimedia square can exhibit a center (Shanghai mayor Ning Lu 999)

■ show range:
1, olive oil: The olive oil of all sorts of grade;
2, edible is oily: Oil of soybean oil, corn, peanut oil, blend oil, coconut oil, rapeseed oil;
3, special type is oily: Safflower is oil of seed of oil of oil of walnut oil, camellia, tea-oil tree seed, almond oil, wheat oil, purple perilla oil, grape, oily;
4, other is oily: New product of blue oil of careless oil of amaranth of sanitarian oil, maize bud oil, month, garlic oil, Ji, edible oil, plant is oily;
5, wine kind: Bishop of China and foreign countries.

■ ginseng exhibit expense:
1, common exhibit an area: B area: 2 M of 3 M × , 5000 yuan / ; The desktop reveals 3500 yuan / ; Double mouth is exhibited add receive 500 yuan
2, the brand exhibits an area: A area: 2 M of 3 M × , 6000 yuan / ; 3 M of 3 M × , 7000 yuan / ; Install especially: Smooth ground 950 yuan / ㎡
3, ginseng membership due uses: Forum: 800 yuan / person. (every ginseng exhibits an enterprise to enjoy 2 free quota of people)
The detail contacts an organizing committee:
Phone: 021, 22817642 faxes: 66279106
Postcode: 200063
E-mail: Hbchina-expo@163.com

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