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2007 international olive oil and edible oil are exhibited
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The olive oil of all sorts of grade, the relevant product of olive oil reachs a technology;

All sorts of special type are oily, oil of oil of seed of careless oil of amaranth of if oil of seed of wild camellia oil, tea-oil tree, Ji is blue oily, rice bran oil, maize bud oil, wheat oil, month, garlic oil, purple perilla oil, grape, safflower oil, sanded thorn, pumpkin seeds oil;

Other edible is oily, be like oil of seed of palm oil, coconut oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower, soybean oil, corn oily, peanut oil, blend oil;

The new technology of edible oil, new achievement, new product;

Orgnaization of of all kinds book, service, association.

Exhibit station standards and rate:

6 of smooth rice exhibit: 5400 yuan / (rice of 3 meters of X 2)

The 9 standards of smooth rice exhibit: 8000 yuan / smooth rice (rice of 3 meters of X 3)

Indoor light ground: 700 yuan / smooth rice (the smallest 27 smooth rice)

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