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China (Wei lane) international farming by-product and grain oil machine mechanic
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Sponsor an unit: Government of people of Wei lane city is stationed in China specially invite orgnaization:
Food and Agricultural Organization of U.N. of bureau of agriculture of Wei lane city is stationed in China delegate place
Commissariat of world of bureau of agriculture machinery of Wei lane city plans arrange to be stationed in Chinese delegate place
Support an unit: Delegate of Beijing of committee of whole nation of the commerce in the United States is in Chinese agriculture academy of sciences
Branch of Beijing of association of trade of Korea of research center of technology of project of Chinese agriculture informatization
Korea of academy of sciences of Shandong province agriculture organic agriculture chamber of commerce
Undertake unit: Jinan China exhibits foreign trade of Italy of exhibition limited company to invest stimulative center to be stationed in China delegate place

Chinese agriculture sees Shandong Shandong agriculture visit Wei mill

Shandong is agricultural big province, in recent years Shandong advances agricultural industrialization, modern, internationalization energetically, gained remarkable success, shandong saves agriculture to cause countless domestic and international investment with tremendous development potential, good investment redound, wide development perspective
Person attention.
Wei lane, the birthplace of countrywide agriculture industrialization, shandong is saved farming the concentration of by-product produces one of divisions. According to statistic 2006, whole town commissariat sows an area to achieve eleven million two hundred and eighty-seven thousand mus, grow 5.9% ; Grain total output 4.332 million tons, than going up year increase 108 thousand tons, grow 2.6% . Be in before long in the future, chinese north is the biggest farming change professional garden to also will heat up earth to go up in this unpluggingly and case. According to " the government takes a stand, enterprise act in an opera, propagandist product, make a brand " train of thought, of this exhibition hold be sure to enhance brand consciousness further, what promote agriculture the business in the round is famous spend and competition ability, the market that promotes agriculture the product in the round has rate and agriculture
Level of science and technology!
It is those who make the company of other cities can faster to walk into Shandong, go to Shandong agriculture new process in all " 2007 China (Wei lane) international farming by-product and grain oil machine mechanical exhibition " it is Huadongde the area provides dimensions and major most facilities of production of representative grain oil, farming by-product and the grand meeting that food machines mechanical domain, will be one makes both sides of international supply and demand trade to what receive platform, to come from major of world each country, various places for the enterprise travelling merchant offers extensive cooperative business chance.
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