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Chinese commodity (Indian Bombay) exhibition - allowance exhibits a charge 65%-8
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About inviting each company unit
"Commodity of the 5th China (Indian Bombay) exhibition " case

Group exhibit an unit:
China and India are two the biggest developing countries on the world, also be close come 10 years two countries with global economy the rapiddest growth. Indian home GDP grew 9.2% 2006, imprint in the economic high speed of two countries grows, assuming drive Asian economy to increase locomotive action.
Since 2003, the high-level exchange visits that the two countries in imprinting leads makes relationship of trade of the politics of two countries, classics strode a new development period, the politics classics that the travel certainly will of the India of Chairman Hu Jintao consolidated further last year and strengthens two countries concerns, more in conducing to, imprint the farther communication of bilateral economy and development.
Current, imprint in bilateral trade got very great progress, annual trading business volume all maintained the growth of two digit word. Total volume of trade reached 26.9 billion dollar 2006, had surpassed the program of classics trade collaboration that two countries establishs, imprint in 2008 namely the struggling target that bilateral trading business volume is achieved or exceeds 20 billion dollar. Predict to 2010 trading business volume will reach 30 billion dollar. India already became China the 11st commerce is companionate, but 1% what to imprinting trading business volume takes Chinese total volume of trade only, india is right China 3% what trading business volume also takes Indian total volume of trade only. Phase of bilateral and current trading business volume develops a standard to the economy of two countries and character is extremely unworthily.
India is all this year the highest custom duty that is not produce from 12.5% fall to 10% , be in with maintaining with the tax rate of each country of East Asia area further coequal level, other product also falls duty, partial breed is avoided completely even impose import tax. End India shared 237 special economic zones to win formal approval last year, arrange of this with one action makes in imprint complacent of business circles personage, in predicting, imprint classics trade specified number is in future 6 to 7 years hopeful reachs 100 billion dollar.
Spend this to assist domestic company to open inscription rubbing tremendous and the rising market that fills business chance, we already were held in Indian Bombay in December 2006 " commodity of the 4th China (Indian Bombay) exhibition " . The exhibition attracted 16000 professional audiences that come from Indian each district to enter in all negotiate, look around and more than 8000 person-times are purchased before average citizen, aggregate visiting person-time exceeds 24000; The total amount that enters the spot that postpones a business to sign a contract approachs 10 million dollar, intent contract approachs 30 million dollar. Exhibit can negotiate exceptionally grand occasion, huge echo was caused in Bombay, join the product that exhibits an enterprise to demand exceeds supply. Indian business cacique, China is stationed in Bombay to always get a house to the honoured guest such as the consul general attended an opening ceremony and can give height the opinion to exhibiting. Media of mainstream of much home of home and India all is exhibited to two can have detailed news. Exhibit the good figure that can show Chinese enterprise and product adequately, in be, imprint the connection of bilateral enterprise and business circles is interactive built effective platform.
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