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Forum of market of oil plants of 2007 summers grease
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Classics research, my association on July 19, 2007, hold 21 days in Xinjiang Urumqi city " forum of market of oil plants of 2007 summers grease " . Inform concerned item as follows now:
One, conference time, place
1, report for duty time: On July 18, 2007.
2, conference time: On July 19, 2007, 21 days.
3, meeting site: Xinjiang Urumqi city is round-the-world big public house () of 4 stars class. Address: The road austral Urumqi city Beijing 76; Postcode: 830011; Telephone exchange: 0991-3836400.
4, report for duty place: Round-the-world big public house is big.
2, conference content
This second forum basically is the major change that produces in the light of market of oil plants of grease of current international home, analyse the characteristic of vicissitude of the market, trend of delibrate market development and answer measure. Association plans to invite the entrepreneur inside concerned expert and course of study, make special subject report to pertinent question.
3, join meeting staff
1, this association chairman, vice-chairman, secretary-general, deputy secretary-general, standing director, director, membership unit and the delegate of concerned unit.
2, invite the entrepreneur inside concerned expert and course of study to attend the meeting.
4, conference expenditure
1, ginseng can expend on behalf of meeting Wu: Everybody is 2300 yuan, the spot when reporting for duty please is handed in.
2, expenses of transportation going there and back and accommodation cost provide for oneself. Between standard of round-the-world big public house, the consultative price of odd world is every respectively everyday 350 yuan, 360 yuan.
5, other arrangements
1, this the conference is the hour that produces major change in international home market is held, concerned expert and entrepreneur put up with make special subject chair about major problem, manage to everybody clear thinking, search countermeasure very helpful. For this, greeting membership unit and delegate of concerned enterprise select are attended.
2, ask receipt of seasonable feedback conference. Because of at the appointed time hotel room is nervous, the meeting Wu such as good for arrangement board and lodging works, after joining meeting unit to receive an announcement please, join conference representing certainly as soon as possible, fill in seriously receipt (see accessory) , ask be sure to at email or secretariat of facsimile transmission association passing receipt before July 13. Secretariat is received after entering meeting receipt, sign up instant become effective. To doing not have receipt, guesthouse will collect fees by room market price, notice please.
3, to ensure conference quality, maintain assembly room order, session does not send out by oneself please propagandist material. Need sends those who publicize material, hand in meeting Wu group to unite when report for duty please extend. Material of every conduct propaganda (300) propagandist charge is 2000 yuan, publicize the pay when charge is reporting for duty please.
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