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2007 industrial product are purchased meeting - handicraft, gift and daily expen
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China (Guangzhou Golden) International Crafts, gifts & Consumer Goods Fair
Guangzhou (elder brother pauses) international handicraft, gift and daily expense consumable are exhibited

Show a location: Guangzhou Pa continent. Elder brother exhibits a house suddenly (wide hand in meeting Pa continent exhibit a house on, new harbor east subway station F is exported)
Show time: Came 30 days on October 24, 2007
Sponsor an unit: Guangdong conference exhibits trade association
Ginseng exhibit connection unit: Guangzhou must establish exhibition limited company
Phone: 33837065 of 020 –, 34051551
Fax: 020 – 34051593
Mobile phone: 13710743383 Miss Zhang young ladies
E-mail: Eva@deliok.com QQ: 294974695

Wide handing in can be the platform with the mainest export of our country foreign trade, it is China the history is the at present longest, administrative levels highest, dimensions the biggest, type of merchandise is the most complete, to meeting travelling merchant most, clinch a deal the grand meeting of omnibus international trade with best effect, but be confined to exhibits a house area and exhibit digit to measure, wide hand in meeting can join the admittance aptitude standard that postpones a business to adjust through establishing only the ginseng of the enterprise extends requirement, make major medium and small businesses by close the door on; And meanwhile, the abidance of Chinese economy, fast grow with stability, offerred tremendous history to expand opportunity for more medium and small businesses, these medium and small businesses extend overseas market quickly, take an active part in international competition, already became a country to carry out " go " strategic fresh troops. In this supply and demand contradiction lasts below the premise of aggravate, we were engineered " 2007 Guangzhou industrial product is purchased meeting " , the purpose is to be numerous the medium and small businesses that has export demand provides platform of a foreign trade, make these enterprises can sufficient be used effectively wide hand in the business chance that can bring and purchase dealer natural resources, develop broader international market. "Guangzhou industrial product is purchased meeting " it is wide it is important to hand in a of the meeting outspread with complement, promoted the development of foreign trade of our country industrial product better, exhibited enterprise wearing to rise to lead to the bridge of the international market to join.
"Guangzhou industrial product is purchased meeting " will with wide hand in meeting synchronism, annual cent spring, autumn two are held, spring holds date to be on April 15 - 30 days, autumn holds date to be on October 15 - 30 days. Every season extends meeting branch period hold, first phase is given priority to with automobile articles for use and component industry, exhibit meeting theme to be " week of the industry after Guangzhou international car makes work and fair of service line of business " ; The 2nd period give priority to for consumable of handicraft, gift, daily expense, exhibit meeting theme to be " Guangzhou (elder brother pauses) international handicraft, gift and daily expense consumable are exhibited " .
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