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Exhibition of oily industry of edible of 2007 China International!
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Make the same score as the flying development of Chinese economy and flowing water of person the people's livelihood rise substantially, the edible oily product of healthy, nutrition, diversification is the inevitable alternative that the market develops. To health kind the strong demand of food, the edible oil that makes healthy nutrition is having vast market space. Oil of edible of consumption of average per capita and photograph of consumption of world average per capita compare large market space than still having, and still maintain the incremental ratio of 5.7% every year to lead, as disease of blood-vessel of head of hypertensive, heart, cancer swollen, old age is gawkish disease, fat the disease incidence of a disease such as disease increasingly grow in quantity, because this appeared of a few new breed high-grade with oil of special type edible, they contain the nutrient part that human body place wants not only, and the disease such as senile and swollen, gawkish disease has hemal to prevent and controlling head of hypertension, heart disease, cancer favorable effect, specific include oil of olive oil, camellia, walnut oil, Ji all sorts of special type such as blue oil, safflower oil, flax seed oil are oily, and the development as science and technology, in in the near future in still can appear new breed, consumer will have bigger choice. From the point of the integration analysis of current edible oil, the Xin Liang that in the near future nutrition, healthy edible oil will be Chinese edible oily market is nodded.

The audience invites

Exposition of oily industry of China International edible was opposite the key 2007 the invitation of trafficker, agency and agent, enlarge the participation of consumer and terminal user and attention at the same time. We refer the basis the development case of the case that extends an enterprise and market, the activity that takes the comprehensive conduct propaganda that has specific aim ground and purpose sex and constituent plan to have force will attract potential client looks around and participate in this China oily rich to meet (OilExpo- China 2007) . Audience besides China, still have come from 40 many countries and area, the audience of 50% hopes to seek collaboration and representative, the market of audience hope understanding of 50% and gather information, the audience of more than 50% is administrator and policymaker, the audience of nearly 60% is trafficker and agency. We will pass media of relevant government orgnaization, relevant association, industry and public media and commerce website to wait for propagandist OilExpo- China 2007. The product that considers a few companies needs patulous international market, the trafficker that accordingly we will pass international media and international industry channel to organize the country such as Han of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Euramerican, day, southeast Asia, Arabia and agency look around and purchase produce the edible oil from China product. In the meantime, we also are in accumulate the invitation that reach course of study of oily trafficker of oily association of branch of director of oil of mechanism of municipal government of domestic each province, grain, grain, grain, agency, meal, food industry, sell the many professions such as field, for edible oil of abroad the enterprise opens Chinese market to provide good communication platform, also consolidate for domestic and international enterprise home sold the market to provide firmer basis at the same time.
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