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Chinese food quality and safe height forum are big in August fall hall call toge
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"Chinese food quality and safe height forum " on August 16, 2007, hold ceremoniously 17 days in hall of Beijing people congress. The corresponding period holds network of Chinese food industry to choose consumer to be believed so that cross a product to recommend release the series activity such as grand ceremony, was 2007 one of activities with Chinese food the most significant industry.
Selection consumer believes quality of 2007 China food and safe height forum and network so that cross a product to recommend to issue grand ceremony invitation letter
Time: On August 16, 2007 -- 17 days
Place: Hall of Beijing people congress
Sponsor an unit jointly:
China feeds quality of food of culture seminar China and secure job association
Association of industry of food of China International of association of industry of Chinese sincere letter
China of association of world food industry feeds character to measure a newspaper office
Chinese industry economy grows quality of central China food and safety net
Chinese food develops a network
Undertake unit:
Labour classics couplet (Beijing) conference of international of couplet of luck of Beijing of international exhibition center shows limited company
Cerebral library supports:
Countrywide business association can exhibit chamber of commerce of course of study to prepare group international to be able to exhibit course of study to promote meeting
China International conference exhibits trade association
Service unit:
Chinese is combined (Beijing) IT academy couplet room (Beijing) can exhibit concoctive center
10 thousand graphs of Shanghai Siruihui exhibits service limited company

Forum theme: Take quality seriously to discuss scientific treatment to ensure safety to make green nutrition
Forum topic for discussion: Enhance the necessity that food industry catenary superintends and value
Produce what company quality safety manages to discuss about normative food
ISO quality manages a system to feed the influence of moral course of study to China
How to make Chinese food industry install what collectivity fastens to build with perfect
HACCP standard and Chinese food international trade
International imports food safety to ensure systematic analysis and countermeasure
Enterprise of food imports and exports answers technology of barrier of foreign technology trade analytic
Acute judges safety of Chinese food quality to guarantee a system
Food company quality controls dug of technical new pattern
Food safety standard and the discussion that run new pattern development
The Olympic Games feeds character to measure what safe superintendency mechanism causes to discuss

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