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Rich of Wuhan farming of the 4th China is met
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By support of Department of Commerce of national Ministry of Agriculture, country, hubei saves people government to sponsor, the exposition of agriculture of Wuhan of the 4th China that government of Wuhan city people undertakes will come 5 days to be held in Wuhan international exhibition center on November 1, 2007. Current Nongbohui gross area 50 thousand more than square metre, set in all exhibit more than 2000, the 10 many countries outside constituent condition and area, home city of 20 many provinces reachs the ginseng of nearly 3000 enterprises such as Hubei, Wuhan to exhibit; In the meantime, countrywide each district many 100 supermarket and agency of more than 1000 produce, purchase business and domestic and international many 50 thousand professional audience will arrive spot view and emulate, negotiate order.
The 4th Nongbohui with " health of green agriculture · is consumed " for the theme; In order to publicize enterprise and brand, build platform of produce produce and sale to be a method; In order to develop contemporary agriculture, advance construction of socialistic new rural area, compose to build new-style and harmonious society, promote agricultural synergism, farmer effectively to add close for the purpose, base oneself upon is mid, radiation whole nation, promote the communication of each district agriculture, collaboration and development in the round. This will be the brand grand meeting with unprecedented scale, produce to produce, for, sell a business, wear be pregnant with infinite business chance!

One, the arrangement that exhibit an area
※ east hall: Bibcock enterprise and well-known company exhibit an area
※ on the west hall: Hubei province exhibits an area
※ east hall: Wuhan city exhibits an area
The hall austral ※ first floor: Reach outside the province travel of area, zoology is exhibited to exhibit area, food to machine machinery to exhibit nursery stock of area, flowers to exhibit an area outside the condition
※ 2: Agriculture produces a data to exhibit science and technology of area, agriculture to exhibit an area
※ three-layer: Pet exhibits an area
※ square exhibition hall: Food exhibits an area
※ square forehead: Agriculture machinery exhibits an area

2, ginseng extend range
1, without food of produce of social effects of pollution, green, organic food: Include product of birds of grain oil, vegetable, fruit, tea, cultivate, aquatic product, dairy produce to wait.
2, agriculture produces a material: Include drug of seed, feed, pesticide, fertilizer, animal to wait.
3, Lin Te product: Include tea of material of silvan food, Chinese traditional medicine, dry fresh fruit to wait.
4, gardens flowers: Include gardens project, flowers, nursery stock, miniascape to wait.
5, agriculture is mechanical: Include to cultivate, reap, irrigation and drainage and produce treatment machinery.
6, food treatment: Include food to produce enterprise and food treatment, package machine.
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