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Soya-bean oil dish receive back small eventually
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Futures of Dalian soya-bean oil is early on September 17 dish jump sky is low, pan Zhongzhen swings drop, end dish rebound small, dish eventually small receive back, clinch a deal to the limit of one's capacity, hold a storehouse to increase. Brunt agreement 901 open quotation 8, 020 yuan, closing quotation 7, 904 yuan, drop 218 yuan, highest 8, 096 yuan, lowest 7, 798 yuan, settle accounts price 7, 922 yuan, clinch a deal quantity 627, 744 hands, the quantity that maintain a warehouse 138, 022 hands.
On circumjacent market, zhou Sanwu of futures of palm oil of Malaysia BMD wool dish glide, drop to average dish of lower part and brief drop defeat every tons 2, key of 100 your auspicious is propped up. Bombay plant oily importer expresses, "Soya-bean oil futures is answered spit early dish the share rises situation, and trade business inaccuracy rebounds newly surely can last how long. " dealer of broker of Malaysia palm oil shows, money market convulsion controls energy of life of all market person, palm oil market also not exceptional. Trade the level of futures of palm oil of business predicting wool that prop up is in every tons 2, 100 your auspicious. BMD is fiducial Mao Zong Lv is oily in December futures contract midday dish drop 9 your auspicious, reach every tons 2, 111 your auspicious, break away from high point in a few days 2, 151 your auspicious.
Bourse of commerce of 17 days of new York (NYMEX) electron of Asia of crude oil futures trades period of time from 7 months low rebound, rise more than 3 dollars, group of international of United States of deliverance of American government decision (American International Group Inc. , abbreviation AIG) may appease the panic of money market. Additional, the market predicts, as a result of hurricane Ike (Ike) cause to Mexican bay last weekend destroy, data of reserve of close week of American energy department tastes indication crude oil and oil inventory to drop considerably again, become the factor propping up of oil price. Office of information of energy of American energy department Yugelinweizhi time 14:35 announce inventory of Zhou Du benzine to report. Beijing time 10:27, futures of NYMEX10 month crude oil rises sign up for 94.35 dollars / bucket. Price of 16 days of settle accounts receives this contract defeat 4.56 dollars or 4.76% , to every pails of 91.15 dollars, to came on Feburary 8 lowest.
Although beautiful couplet store express to will rescue AIG group, but from at present money market environment looks, congenial fund is short-term will adopt avoid risk to give priority to, and the queasy short time of money market will still produce certain benefit to manage hollowly to commodity option market; And beautiful beans produces area weather to grow the state also removes inhibition to period price, together with fund is decreased ceaselessly support bull money market, short-term market goes those who have effect very hard to rebound prices.
Data side, american Ministry of Agriculture announced the home that is based on investigation to sow crop per unit area yield to forecast all right, announce meanwhile still bureau of world of American Ministry of Agriculture is opposite of situation of global agriculture supply and demand newest forecast. Making what the person feels accident quite is, american Ministry of Agriculture is right of soybean per unit area yield forecast unexpectedly under August, do not have clearly by accident transmit a bullish signal.
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